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Aang in the Avatar State
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The Wall

Mian meets a mysterious man and his friend on how his journey as the Avatar should continue. Meanwhile, the Fire Lord smells another traitor. And this time, he shall make sure that the pain is personally inflicted.


"So, this is it?" Asked Mian, expecting more than just a little shrine. He still didn't know why he decided to come here, it was as though there was something pulling on him.

"Yeah....this is it." Said Sky, panting after the long walk under the hot sun, he sat down under the shade of the nearby oak. Zura joined him.

Mian stepped into the shrine and looked carefully at the figures, his friends had seen yesterday. He then found the open space, with no statue. However, there was an indention, as if to sit in. He felt the smooth indentation and sat down. The wind suddenly began to move. Everything went black.

Everything went white.

Earth soccer

Oh, they were playing soccer

Everything around him was in pain, no it's it's pain...or it's both. With tremendous pain, he slowly opened his eyes. The world around him was slowly taking form. But he was no longer at the shrine. He was back at the town center. But, where was the Fire Nation Camp? Or his friends? Oh, wait there was noise coming from the other street. There were some kids running down the street. Those weren't Fire Nation boys, they weren't any nation. Oh, they were playing soccer. Mian ran into to play, too. When he kicked the ball, the place erupted in noise. There were hundreds of people staring at him, wait they weren't there before! Wait, he wasn't himself anymore. He was seven. But, how was this possible? He knelled over in some sudden pain from his stomach.

Now, it was rage, pure rage. At who? Who? Who was it, again? Oh, right! The Emperor! How...COULD HE? HOW DARE HE! KILL OF HIS ENTIRE...Mian collapsed. It was exhausting. Wait, what was....the pain finally stopped. He looked up. The town was deserted. Wait, who was that guy. He was wearing a long robe. Long hair and bangs. The man was standing just several feet away, and simply seemed to come out of nowhere. He began to walk towards Mian, and despite Mian's confusion, he seemed nice and friendly.


The man was standing just several feet away..

"Hello there, young....avatar." Said the man. He sighed, and looked thoughtfully up "Ah, that was it Mian, that's your name. What brings you to my place?"

"Our err..ship was running from the Phoenix Islands...and we crashed. We're uh trying to get to Omashu." Stuttered Mian

"Ah, Omashu, quite the city. However, I haven't been there in years..." Said the man

"Who...who are you? And why is this...your "place" ?" Asked Mian

"My name does not matter, after all, you shall find out as all Avatars do. Let me tell you some details, I am a...previous...avatar. This was where I lived, during my times in the world. This is such a spiritual place, that I can move from this city to the Spirit World."

"So, I'm in the Spirit World?" Asked Mian

"Half of the Spirit be technical." Stressed the Man

"Okay, half, so what am I doing here?" Asked Mian

"Well, ask yourself that? I suppose you were pulled here, all Avatars are. It's a ritual to meet me. Anyways, I feel I must leave. Maybe you should talk to your...uncle?" Asked the man

"Wait, who are you? Why are you so important? ....My uncle?" Asked Mian, taking in what the man had said.

"Good bye, young...avatar...perhaps we can talk more..some other..."The man's voice and body was fading "Day."

Another man popped up out of nowhere. He had Air Nomad tattoos. Brown hair. Gray eyes. And a soft smile. Avatar Aang.

"Hey, nephew. We didn't finish last time. More spirituality here, I suppose. Now, before you ask, I want to tell you something. When I was a kid, and met Roku, I asked him unnecessary questions "Who are you?" "What am I doing?" "What's this, what's that?" Foolish questions. I'll tell you simply and quickly. You are in the Avatar State, which I know Mizurai told you, Good lad. I told him you were coming. Now, I'm just here to give you guidance."

"Errr...okay. Yeah, dad told me of the State, when I found out. Hmmm....well, the Phoenix Islands were invading and destroyed the Fire Nation." Said Mian, hesitant and curious.

" it. I should have dethroned that foolish King. Why we made them a country, I will never get. But no, Zuko said we had to amend. I told him it would be fine, they had integrated into your culture. Well, I assumed you retreated....let's see...Omashu?" Asked Aang

"Errmm...yes, actually." Said Mian, a little uncomfortable.

"Yes, I had several adventures in the Earth Kingdom, I suppose. Those foolish Councilmen, they thought they could actually...and Kai...that's a shame, he was such a..." Mumbled Aang

"Uncle...Aang? Are you..okay?" Asked Mian

"Sorry, coming back to this world, brings back lots of memories." Said Aang "All the same, I do believe you have a question or two, right?"

"Yes, in fact, I do." Began Mian "Why is all of this happening? How should I end it?"

"One should be careful on how they fight. There are many ways to end conflict. As you know, I didn't kill Ozai. However, I will suggest to you, the Best offense is sometimes simply defense."

"Okay...but that doesn't really answer..." Began Mian

"It does, indeed it does, it might however take some time to know what the crap I'm talking about. Welcome to the world of a young Avatar. See you on the flip side." Said Aang, and he began to slowly fade away.

"Thanks for the welcome basket." Grumbled Mian, after his uncle had faded. He looked at himself, he was fading too. He sighed.

"Are you sure, Mao?" Asked Hokui

"Yes..sir. No cities, nearby. And sadly, my comrades, died in the attempt." Replied Mao

"20 men?" Asked Hokui, suspicious.

"Err....yes, sir. It is a shame." Answered Mao, who then hurriedly left. Hokui looked around, suspicious, and got up to talk to his advisors.

"Keep an eye on him." He whispered to them. He didn't need another Hoshizu.

"Sir, there are two messengers, here." Said an advisor

Fire Nation truant officers

You're under arrest for High Treason!

The two men walked in, covered in foliage. "Fire Lord Hokui, our report, sir." Mao was relaxing in his tent, when they came in. Almost 30 soldiers suddenly stormed his tent and began to run through his stuff.

"What are YOU DOING?" Shouted Mao

"You're under arrest for High Treason!" Said the Captain of the group.

"For what, what did I do?" Asked Mao

"Killing 20 soldiers, and lying to the government." Stated the Captain

"No...I told you all. I did no such thing!" Yelled Mao

"We have proof. We sent two men behind your group to follow you, and make sure everything went well, in case of ambush or sudden retreat. They had some other news, and turned in just several hours ago."

"What?! NO!" Yelled Mao as he was dragged away."This isn't happening!"

The young fisherman was surprised the following day, when the fresh blue river, turned red. Hmm...there was a boat. In it, he found the dead body of a Fire Nation Colonel.

Behind the scenes




  • Avatar Aang is a very laid back Avatar.
  • Aang mentions Council men Kai from Better World

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