By Gingalover Part of the Brotherhood continuity.
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Shadow-bending (Chapter)

Violet is a special Shadowbender and member of the Gang.


Among many of the members, her past is a bit more dark. Her family actually used to be a part of the rebellion when they were just little kids and kind of brought it up to Violet by accident. Her parents were divorced when she was only 5 but before they can decide who can take her, she ran away, not being able to take her parents' constant fighting.

Personality and Relationships

Not exactly as loved as much as other people were, many would think of her as a rather cold-hearted girl, but actually, thanks to the Gang, she has grown a bit more fun-loving. Like Whiplash, she too is a bit of a prankster but not as much. A rather bad habit though for her is she's actually kind of pervy, as shown when she was spying on Alex during his training.

The Gang

Her relation with the Gang is pretty deep, since they helped her in being more sweet. She sees them as more of a family than her other so-called parents. Whiplash showed her fun, Serra showed her how to care, and Torch showed her how to handle the right situations.

The Brothers

Though she considers Leo a pretty good friend, she really got a bit lost with Alex. Love struck her as she fell in love at first sight. She hasn't been told much about love yet so she kind of got a bit serious too quickly.

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