By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
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Water Tribe


Ba Sing Se

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Water-bending (Blood-bending)

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Bounty Hunter

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Book 3: Air -

Violet is a special bounty hunter born from the Water Tribe. She is a bit unique from other benders, not knowing how she learned blood-bending in the first place.

Ginga Densetsu Avatar

Book 3: Fire

Though she didn't appear officially, she does appear in one of Zuko's fortune-dreams blood-bending Mai.

Book 4: Air

Violet first appears after Hougen agreed for the boa brothers to go and kill the Avatar. She too offers to do it instead, saying that Hougen deserves someone much better than some orange freaks, even seducing Hougen to get the job. But when Hougen denies her again, saying good looks won't cut it, she uses her Blood-bending to convince Hougen that she has what it takes. She also has gotten Hougen to give her over 10000 gold coins to get the job done, costing extra when Hougen got her to get Mai as well.

She was found later on by Mel and Hook with her chest and throut cut. She faked this so she can get into the team. It seemed to work out at first, and was asked what happened. She went on and made up her little story about the dog pack and their leader she called Joe. She was blood-bending Toph to keep her mouth shut so she can trick everyone into believing her. She described Joe to look just like weed except having a collar and scars on his face.

She took her opportunity when Aang first deliberately went into the spirit realm. She quickly forced everyone down, mocking them on how naive they all were, and took Mai and Aang away.

She brings them out to an open plain and started to blood-bend Mai after she said that all she said was a lie. But before she can finish them off, Joe suddenly came in and stopped her. She thought that Joe didn't exist, and it freaked her out so much she passed out from shock.

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