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Viola Eade
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New World


13 (12 month calender)

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Hair color


Eye color

gray and red

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Todd, Team Avatar


Aaron, The Mayor, Combustion Man

Chronological and political information

New World, Team Avatar

First appearance

Prologue: Nightmare (not named)

Viola is a settler from New World who was brought to the World of Avatar by The Sisters for unknown reasons. She was found by Team Avatar in the western Earth Kingdom with a severely injured Todd. She has also recently discovered that she's an Airbender, but how this happened is still unknown.


New World

Viola was born on a settler ship headed for New World. Her parents were caretakers, so she was never frozen along with the other settlers. She has been learning how to set up a successful colony since she was five. Her parents either volunteered or were asked to go forward with a plan to send them to New World seven months early to set up the initial settlement. They accepted, and Viola went along with them. But their landing was messed up and they crashed on to New World in a swamp near Prentisstown. Viola was the only one who survived. Eventually she was found by the worst person possible, Aaron, Prentisstown's (evil) preacher. She got away several times, but Aaron kept finding her. She was also found by Todd, but he was scared of her silence, so he ran away. He came across her again and brought her along when he ran away from the people who destroyed his guardians' farm. She stays silent and emotionless this entire time for reasons that she keeps to herself. They continue walking through the swamp, but then Todd thinks that since he's carrying the Noise "germ", he'll kill her. Since Todd has Noise, Viola obviously hears this and panics. She runs back into the swamp and starts having a minor breakdown, but Todd comes in and shows her that The Mayor is coming with a bunch of people, including Aaron, to track them down. They sprint for a bridge, and burn it down before they can follow them. They go to the next settlement, Farbranch, but it's attacked by all the men of Prentisstown. They continue along the road to Haven, hoping that it has enough technology for Viola to contact her ship. Things go sour when Todd is confronted by a Spackle and he kills it. Viola gets very angry, and while the two are fighting, Aaron sneaks up on them, knocks Todd out, stabs him with his own knife, and takes Viola. He keeps her drugged and has her for over 4 days, but Todd eventually catches up and rescues her, with Manchee dying in the process. Todd collapses and Viola continues to take them up the river towards Haven.

World of Avatar

A day later, Viola woke up and saw a completely different landscape around her from where she last was. She panics, but Team Avatar comes in on Appa and gets them from the western Earth Kingdom river where they were. Viola's insanely confused and freaked out by the flying bison and bending, but she eventually calms down and adapts. She tells Team Avatar about what she and Todd did, and then comes with them to warn Zuko. When the others were in a Fire Nation village getting supplies, she's attacked and knocked out by Combustion Man. Viola recovers fairly quickly, and runs off to warn Aang. Her warning comes too late, as Combustion Man beat her to the village and he attacks Aang, Katara, and Toph as revenge. Viola is seen getting everyone out of the village and taking some of the braver kids onto the rooftops to throw rocks at Combustion Man to distract him. After Aang went into the Avatar State, the villagers blame her and the others for the destruction of their village. They quickly flee and go to the Western Air Temple. Viola is clearly disturbed by Combustion Man's death, and is sleep walking when she falls off the edge of the temple to her potential death. But Viola shows her hidden ability and accidentally Airbends a sphere around herself twice, that slows her fall and keeps rocks from crushing her. She messed up however, and still ended up buried under rubble with a broken leg. Toph rescues her and brings her upstairs, where Katara fixes her broken leg.


(The weird thing about TKoNLG is that it never describes any characters in detail, presumably so the reader can imagine it for themselves. Your imagination may and probably differs from mine.)

Viola has gray eyes and black hair that was worn in a braid until it was burned off in Remembrance. Since then, she cut her hair and wears Fire Nation clothes that were bought in the same episode. She also has a slight accent.


Viola is strong and determined. She has a confrontational personality, and holds grudges for long periods of time. But she's still kind and very smart, which can sometimes lead to her acting like a know-it-all.



Viola never really talks about her family that much, but she was saddened to the point of depression and crying by her parent's deaths, so it can be assumed that they were very close.



Todd could probably be described as Viola's best friend, despite knowing each other for only a short time. They argue and tease each other a lot, but they always seem to be able to help each other out of very bad situations that they always seem to attract.






The Mayor

Combustion Man



Viola never displayed bending abilities before Fall, but after she fell off the Western Air Temple, she was able to slow herself down and stop rocks from crushing her. Later, the Gaang finds that her bending is very instinctual, meaning she does it without thinking. It's hard for her to Airbend on command because there's still a tiny part of her brain that thinks bending isn't possible, despite seeing it for herself.


  • Evatar114 took advantage of the fact that people of the different nations have the same genetics, so she purposefully portrayed Viola as an Air Nomad.

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