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Loyalty and Love

Kyoshi charged out of the lake, riding a powerful wave. She was enraged. The wave hit the two Firebenders with such force that they were killed immediately on impact. She launched herself into the air over the building. Looking down on the battle that had erupted below her. She rapidly unleashed blasts of fire to her enemies below. After blocking all fire shot at her, she landed right in the middle of a pack of Firebenders, creating an enormous earth wave that took out her surrounding opponents.

"Leave this place, or your body will rot in the land in which you have trespassed!" This was the most outraged any Avatar has been in centuries. The enemies scrambled to get out of the building they had been shooting arrows from. Some made it out before it was hit by two gigantic boulders and a spiraling inferno, and others didn't. Kyoshi turned to face eight rhinos. She created a mini tornado and annihilated them. It was clear that her work in Oak Village was done, and she flew towards the location of Ozai Movement base and colony. Sokka and the others followed, unable to process or believe what they were witnessing.

On the way back from the village of Phond, Toph noticed that she could no longer sense Aang's feet on the ground. "Very funny, twinkletoes," she mocked. After not getting a response for several moments she called Aang's name. Still, there was no answer. Toph began to panic and rushed back to the meeting spot as fast as she could. Katara and Torek arrived just as Toph did, only to see an epic demonstration of power before them. Abnormally unfazed by the presence of Kyoshi, Torek ran to her aide. He noticed a messenger hawk departing and shot it down. He then destroyed the entire messenger hawk coop so that no word could get out to the others in the Ozai Movement. He didn't notice the Firebender behind him, who lashed out flames that would surely have killed the prince had Katara not blocked it with water. She took him out with few flicks of her wrists. Archers began to unleash their arrows on the two, but Torek encased himself and the Waterbender in a small rock pyramid. He then used each side of the pyramid to get rid of a different archer. The other two were pulled off of the top of the base by Katara's water whip.

By that point, Toph had already used her special abilities to brake into the metal base. She was attacked, but her metal armor was impervious to the flames, arrows, and spears. One man tried to attack her hand-to-hand, but after a punch in the jaw by a metal fist, it's lights out. Despite her impressive performance, Toph had to leave the base after a few minutes because Kyoshi was bending the Earth under the building to collapse it.

Sokka and the Kyoshi Warriors had taken advantage of their enemies' confusion and wiped the ones in the barracks out. After the destruction of their base, the team headed to the colony only to find it completely abandoned. Seeing this, Kyoshi burst into rage. Powerful winds had started to pick up and the ground began to shake. Kyoshi looked down, and immediately upon seeing the face of Prince Torek, she calmed down. She descended into a large dust cloud, and two figures emerged from it, Suki and Aang.

"Suki!" shouted Sokka as he rushed to catch her just before she collapsed to the ground.

Katara had no words. She simply embraced Aang with tears in her eyes. Aang didn't say anything either. He had a much more serious face, as if he had something to report. Katara stepped back to join the others.

"Kyoshi has a message," he began. "For starters, she apologizes for temporarily wiping me out of existence, but as you all know, only one Avatar can exist at a time. She also has an explanation for her possessing Suki and why she did it at the time and place she did." Aang recalled what Kyoshi had told him.

"Young Avatar, I have come to set these people free."


"Your friend, the one who started an organization the fights in my name, is wearing a very powerful item. It is a necklace in the shape of the rock on fire. It was created by the Avatar before Yangchen, Vezkor if the Fire Nation. He was a very evil and twisted man, Aang. In fact, he was the person who first thought of taking over the other nations. He was going to use the power of the Hundred Year's Comet, now called Sozin's Comet, to bring destruction the Water Tribes, the nation he despised the most. Unfortunately for him, he could not gather enough support. On top of that, he was growing old. He knew that he would not live throughout the entire war. He predicted that his future life, Avatar Roku, would be alive at the time the next comet arrived and that he too would have a desire for world domination. He traveled to a volcano on a small island in the Fire Nation, the place that received the most energy from the comet. He placed the, then useless, necklace into a small fire he created. He held the necklace while it was in the fire. Then, using the power of the Avatar State, he stole all of the energy from the comet as it passed over. He bended the fire from the comet directly into the flame that held the necklace. This created a massive explosion of fire. The explosion killed him, and he transferred his spirit into the necklace. This transfer of his spirit along with the energy of the comet into the necklace made it the most powerful object in the world. It would give Roku the ability to unleash Vezkor and the comet's combined power whenever he pleased and as many times as he pleased. This story is also how he got the nickname Vezkor the Volcano.

What Vezkor didn't know was that all other Avatars would also be able to transport power through the necklace. We have so far been successful in preventing him from returning. There are, however, certain places that have a deep spiritual effect on us Avatars. For me, the place where I killed Chin the Conqueror and here, where I first entered the Avatar State. Vezkor's is the volcano, so as Roku's mentor, I instructed him to live and search for it. He never found it. Someone has found it, and I do not know who. Perhaps one of the Fire Sages who lived there before Avatar Roku destroyed it. Now, the Flaming Stone is in the hands of your friend, and you must make sure that it never reaches the hands of evil, or the horror of Vezkor will be reborn."

Suki held the necklace in her hand and looked at it with horror. No one could think of anything to say so they made the journey back to Omashu in silence. There they saw General Yung and the others.

"Where were you guys?" demanded Torek. "We really could have used your help."

"We fought the men coming from the ships for hours," began Hakoda. "Then, all of the sudden, they left having achieved nothing. It was almost as if it was just a distraction. After we stopped the fleet, General Stole reached us and told us he had received some kind of spiritual message coming from the waves as they crashed on the beach. It was a man's voice saying not to join you because his next life was handling the situation. I suppose it was Avatar Roku referring to Aang."

"Actually, it must have been Avatar Kuruk referring to Avatar Kyoshi," said Sokka.

"Kyoshi? That's impossible!" protested General Stole.

Aang explained what happened and what Avatar Kyoshi had told him.

"Were you able to completely destroy the Ozai Movement?" asked Stole.

"Sadly, no. Many of them who had been living in a small village they built themselves had somehow escaped."

"But where could they have gone? None of my men in the navy have reported any suspicious ships leaving the Earth Kingdom. I haven't even seen reports of ships coming in!"

"Why would they be in the Earth Kingdom at all if they would have much more support in the Fire Nation?" Katara asked.

"We can only assume that they wanted to mount an invasion of the Earth Kingdom as quickly as possible, so they established a base right on our land," answered General How.

"They must be continually bringing more and more members here to launch an epic attack," suggested Stole. "Very frightening. For now it is probably best for you to leave the Flaming Stone with us."

Bumi cut in. "If the power of Avatars is contained in the necklace, the Avatar is the only person who can guard it properly. Aang, I want you to keep it."

"But sir, it could easily be stolen from them. Surely we should lock it away deep in our chambers."

"My decision is final. Besides, Aang has the best chance of destroying it...As long has he things like a mad genius!" exclaimed Bumi with another cooky laugh and a few snorts.

General How continued. "We will research the issue. Joo Dee, send word to all of the villages in our messaging circuit to respond with any information as quickly as possible. If a village doesn't respond, we know what has happened." He paused. "Now we wait. In the mean time you are all free to do as he pleased."

"As he said, you are all free for the time being," said Torek rather irritated. He was frustrated that How was asserting himself as leader before the prince.

"Hold on," said Aang. "The people at the base and villages knew we were coming. They were prepared and they stated a distraction. How could they have known?"

"I think the answer is simple," King Bumi said. "We have a traitor among us!"

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