By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
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Jump City

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Teen Titans, Team Avatar

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  • First - Air Bending Duo

Ventus is a young airbender whom was thrown into the universe by mistake along with Aquos and Magmus. She is more shy then the other titans and seemingly less likely to fight.

Lost Arc

She first appears on Luffy's ship. She was trying to defend herself from getting hurt until Aang came in and saved her from Hajji's thrown knife with his own airbending. She was trying to calm down and saved the crew by helping Aang and Starfire escape from Jhen Mohran.

Later on, she was learning a bit of airbending from Aang when Jhen Mohran attacked again. She was trying to help get rid of the beast until Lycaeon finally drove it away when it ripped off its tusk.

S.F.C Arc

along with Starfire, Ventus tried to calm Aang down when Aquos returns to the titans, getting embarrassed when Aquos reunites with her officially.

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