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"With you, joining was your only choice. Me, I didn't have a choice. I was drafted!"
— Vayu to Kumara in Negotiations
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"The Outside"

Vayu is a current member of the Elite in the fanon story Alone.



Vayu was born and raised in New York City. One day he went out with a group of friends to the outskirts of Queens, and they were ambushed by the BDA. They fought back bravely, but they were overwhelmed. The leaders of the group saw Vayu's potential and decided to spare him. They held him captive and made him watch while each of his friends were killed. He was then dragged off to Uluru to be conscripted in the Enforcers.

Years later, Vayu was chosen to lead a convoy to patrol the New York area. A team from the colony was sent to eliminate them, but Vayu was expecting this. He scattered and deafened them, then proceeding to pick them off one by one. He is responsible for the death of Sierra's mother, who was co-leading the team.

1984 Assault

Vayu was present when Avatar Joel led the rebel attack on Uluru. He and Jordan were assigned to lead the second wave of Enforcers. After the entire first wave, including the two Elite members who led them, were killed Vayu and Jordan led the second into battle. The overwhelming numbers of the rebel army started to get to them, however, and their own numbers dwindled. They were saved from death, however, from the Leader, who shamefully ordered their retreat.

Hunting Leah

Vayu and the rest of the Elite were given the assignment to hunt the avatar after she escaped from Uluru. After Adam discovered her presence, Vayu was sent with him to chase her while Kumara, Jordan, and Morgan went to Alice Springs to guard it. After chasing her for a short distance, Leah confronted them, screaming at them to leave her in peace, but to no avail.

Vayu struck first with an air swipe while Adam sent boulders. They continuing fighting until they were able to trap her in an enormous earthen box. Seeing her hopeless situation, Vayu created a tornado that flung her around the box like a doll. Laying in a crumpled heap at the bottom, Vayu and Adam landed at the bottom and let their guard down, only to have Leah knock them out with blows to their heads.

When they woke up, their heads burning from the blow, Leah was nowhere in sight. They continued their search and eventually found her beneath a run down jeep. After a brief fight that almost saw Leah's demise, they were defeated when Leah took metal from the jeep and bound their hands together.

After the rest of the Elite had lost her as well, they guarded Alice Springs, convinced that Leah was still in the city. After weeks of no trace, Adam and Vayu found her at the local airport. Leah had taken them by surprise though, and had already incapacitated them while she ran to escape on a plane. Adam broke free of his bonds and freed Vayu. The plane was out of reach of Adam's attacks, so Vayu went to pursue them.

He caught up to the plane and started fighting with Leah in the open air. A minute later, the plane flew into a cloud and Vayu prepared to finally shoot it down when it emerged. Once they were out, Vayu sent a massive air swipe at Leah's ice shield, revealing an ice version of her that crashed into Vayu and sent him careening to the desert floor.


The Elite followed Leah to North America, but lost trace of her when she arrived in New Orleans. The Leader then commanded them to take out a bender colony called Xylia, deep in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Vayu and Jordan made a fog wall, with Adam as guard, while Kumara set to work destroying the colony. By accident however, Leah and Sierra found them and investigated the colony.

A few moments later, a firework went up into the air, signalling the rest of the Elite to Kumara. They cornered Leah and briefly fought her, but they were all defeated. When they finally woke, they found no trace of Leah. Vayu took the opportunity of their defeat and taunted Kumara that she had been beaten by a local, to which she violently reacted. After a few insults and warnings, they began to fight.

They each unleashed their most brutal attacks upon each other, Kumara with her contact lightning and Vayu's fake deafness. After knocking each other down, they prepared to charge at each other, only to be stopped by Adam. After being chastised by him, they set out to the colony to wait for Leah's imminent return. They finally arrived at the destroyed colony as night fell upon them.

Vayu complimented Kumara's skill in destroying the place, to which Kumara reprimanded him, saying it wasn't something to congratulate. Vayu asked where all the bodies were, then stepping on a pile of ash that answered his question. Kumara yelled at him, saying to have a little respect for the now graveyard. After another fight with Kumara, she dared him to set out alone to face Leah, which he accepted.

After walking to the top of the hill, Jordan confronted him, saying they needed to work as a team if they were to complete this mission. He begrudgingly agreed. After a few moments of searching, they spotted Leah with three other survivors from the colony. Jordan asked if they wanted to get Adam and Kumara, but Vayu was confident that they could alone defeat them, asking Jordan to reveal his Elite ability.

They traveled to the bottom of the hill and waited for Leah and one of the men to finish burying the dead. Once they were finished, Jordan took control of the grass and trapped Leah and the men. Vayu was thoroughly impressed, complimenting Jordan, to which he only said to go and get them. As Vayu took out Leah's hearing and prepared to kill her, she broke free of Jordan's hold.

After she freed the other men, they pinned Vayu to the ground with ice daggers, defeating him. Soon after this the Elite were called back to Uluru on account of their defeat. Although they were angry at first, they relented when they were assigned to another mission concerning the airbending colony in New York.


Vayu is easily seen as the cruelest and most sadistic member of the Elite. He shows no respect for human life whether they are alive or dead. He has no sympathy towards those who have died or the graveyard in which they are buried. He kills without mercy or hesitation, whether they are a bender or not.

Vayu holds a bitter resentment towards the New York colony, who he holds responsible for his conscription into the BDA. When faced with the 9/11 mission to destroy the colony, he joined without hesitation.

Vayu also has a long-standing rivalry with Kumara, taking any chance to taunt or insult her. The two often fight it out over their different views, sometimes resorting to physical violence.

Pakku fighting

Vayu airbending


Vayu is an extremely powerful airbender. His abilities are excellent enough that he has excelled to be a member of the Elite. He is adept in creating air swipes, blades, wakes, punches, funnels, and blasts. He can create massive tornadoes and can fly through the air in an air sphere without easily tiring. Although not shown, Vayu can also suck the air out of a victim's lungs.

Vayu's elite ability, that is the move that earned him a place in the Elite, is soundbending. Vayu can create a vacuum around a person's ears, effectively deafening them.


Book 2: Smoke

Book 3: Storm


  • Vayu is the only original member of the Elite still enlisted.
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Elite Airbender
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