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Spirit World
Vanished Contact
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Princess Yue's Second Chance



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May 30, 2013

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Finding a Way

The messenger hawk beat its wings. It flew graciously in the night sky. With it was the message that could change the course of events. From the city, two pair of sparkling eyes watched as the hawk flew away to the island. The hawk reached its destination. Like a trained spy, it successfully entered the premises without waking anybody, except for Aang. Sokka, Suki and Katara were all snoring loudly, distracted from their blissful dreams to even notice the Avatar waking up. Aang felt something when the hawk landed on the open window as if someone intentionally woke him up just to read the message. Aang stood up and approached the hawk. He opened the tube at its back and took the paper out. He gave the hawk some food before letting it fly back to wherever its owner is. He read the contents of the paper.

Aang, have you found a way to open the doors to the Spirit World yet?

He was sure it came from Yue. Aang was slightly disappointed of himself for not working a way on the matter. Well, no one can blame him, he's a busy Avatar. So then he walked out of the bedroom and went outside. He walked towards the little temple off to the higher places of the island. This is where he meditated all the time. Its a perfect place because it was away from all the other buildings of the island. The wind was cold, Aang forgot to wear his more thicker Air Nomad Robes. He took out his meditative necklace and made the lotus position. The necklace were made of beads embedded with spiritual energies and can only be used by gurus and Avatars. He touched every bead, concentrating on the energy. He tried to summon the past Avatar. He concentrated even harder but no one was there to talk to. He decided to go to the Spirit World. He closed his eyes and meditated deeply. His eyes and tattoes suddenly glowed.

Aang was finally in the Avatar State.

Search for the Old

Aang opened his eyes and found himself in the Spirit World. Much like Yue's experience of the place, he can also smell the breath-wind and can see the ever-changing landscape of the Spirit World. "Hello. Avatar Roku? Avatar Kyoshi? Anybody?" He called for the other past Avatars. Aang continued to call them over and over again. No one responded. Aang observed everywhere. The landscape was now a swamp-like environment. The tress had no leaves in them. The ground soft and fluffy. The sky above was brownish-yellow filled with stars and other unknown objects. Then he looked for figures and spirits. He looked everywhere but nothing. The daunting fact came to him that the Spirit World was deserted. "This is not possible. This place should be crowded with spirits." He walked and walked and walked yet he found nothing. Not even a floating spirit. "Where is everybody?" Then he realized he stepped on something, it was a piece of parchment. It wrote:


"Of course! During the Solstice, the veil between the world of spirits and humans are thin. Maybe I can help Yue during that time. And the solstice is just a week from now." Aang said gleefully. But he had another question in mind.

"Who wrote this?"

Seeing as his question can't be answered he decided to go back. He closed his eyes and repulsed the energies from the beads, and when he opened them he was back in the island. "I gotta tell Yue." He said so with anticipation to help.

A Visit from the Avatar

In the morning, Aang immediately went to Appa. "Appa, yip yip!" Appa growled and beat its tail. The sky bison approached the city and landed on the ground. Aang let Appa sleep and the Avatar went on its way to one of the apartment buildings. Meanwhile, inside one of the apartment room, Yue was sitting on one of the couches in the living room eagerly waiting for the Avatar. I hope he comes sooner. Yue was wearing another RC clothes given by Aang. Her blonde hair was braided intricately like the way the women of her Tribe does. Suddenly, she heard a knock. She approached the door and opened it, it was Aang. "Yue, I know how you can communicate with Tui. Make negotiations." Aang said with his breath heavy from sweating.

"Oh Aang, come in have a seat." Yue said eagerly. She lead him to one of the couches and Aang talked to her immediately.

"During a solstice," Aang explained, "The veil between the two worlds are thin which means we don't need too much power to get to the 'other side'. And the solstice is just a week from now!"

"That's good news! Now I wonder what I'm gonna do before the solstice?"

"Lead a normal day." Aang suggested.

Yes, finally. Just a few days of normal life would suffice. Thank you spirits, you have always been good to me.

Spiritual War

A black spirit appeared to the Spirit of the Mystic. The Spirit of the Mystic was sitting on the top of the mountain as always with his crystal ball. He then spoke to the black spirit. "You have it then?"

"Yes, I've successfully taken hand of The Cup of The Earth Spirit. And I've also successfully used it against every single spirit in here." said the black spirit.

"Splendid." said the Spirit of the Mystic as he maniacally laughed. "The world shall be mine in no time."


Sokka was in Republic City walking towards the street where Yue's apartment was located. He was planning to visit her and to go have picnic at the park. He found the apartment and went inside the building. After finding her room he knocked at the door. He waited and it seems no one was home. After a couple of minutes he decided to return to the island when the door opened. Yue's eyes widened as she saw him. She tried her earnest not to show signs of shyness. "Sokka! Uhmm..." but in vain as she blushed so all of a sudden. "Why don't you come inside?" Yue opened the door for him and Sokka saw that Aang was there too.

"Oh heyyy Aang, didn't see you there." Sokka was cautious not to let Aang know of his plans for picnic. "I can see that you're busy, I might as well go?" Aang stood up and said, "No it's alright I was going out anyway. So Yue don't forget okay?" Yue nodded in response. Aang went out and only Yue and Sokka were left alone. Yue's heart was now beating fast. Sokka was the first to speak "So Yue, how about we-"

"-do an activity together?"

"-do an activity together?"

Both of them said that and both blushed. They were finishing each other's sentences. "I was planning something aaand since you're back I guess we could hang out or something?" Sokka said. Yue's joy was indescribable but she remembered that he was already engaged to Suki. "No, I can't Sokka. You're engaged, this is wrong." Sokka, upon hearing this, frowned. "I guess it's the other way around this time. Me being engaged and-"

"-me being the one to suffer?" Again, Yue finished his sentence. Sokka was right. Before, Yue was the one engaged. Now, it's Sokka who's the one engaged. Fate does work in mysterious ways. "But Yue, this is not a 'date date'. This'll just be a friendly picnic. There's nothing bad about friendly picnics." Sokka said, smiling. "Hmm, I guess there isn't." Yue said, also smiling. They both went out and headed for the Park.


Aang just arrived back on the island. Katara greeted him at the grounds. "Aang, where have you been? You've missed breakfast?" Aang then said, "I was just checking with Yue." Both of them went inside and found a complete mess of Suki. She said, "Where is Sokka?" Aang then replied, "Oh he's with Yue back at the apartment." Suki's face immediately turned red.

"You mean that Patience girl?!?!"

Suki stormed out of the temple and headed straight for the gondola. As she reached the port of Republic City, she jumped out without even saying something to the driver. She went to the apartment of Yue and she knocked and knocked. There seems to be nobody inside. She forcefully opened the door through her knowledge of martial arts. There was literally no one home. She searched everywhere, from Downtown to Central City Station. But Suki unsuccessfully did not find them. She only has one last place to search for-Republic City's Central Park.


  • The idea of including the Solstice was Fruipit's. Thank you so much!
  • The cup mentioned here will be a major plot point in the second arc "The Cup of The Earth Spirit"

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