Vandal Karma: The Sequel
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March 2, 2012

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Vandal Karma

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Here's the sequel to Vandal Karma! Enjoy.

The Sequel

A loud roar woke me from my zombie-like stupor, whatever a stupor is. I glance around the room, but my pet tiger is nowhere to be seen. Oops, I must have left the door open. What a shame, the last time Tigger was let loose he killed two people and had to be tranquilized. Tigger is still recovering from that traumatic tranquilization. (Oh snap, alliteration. Oh snap, rhyming.) Anyway, with my stomach full and Tigger MIA, I have no idea where the sound was coming from. I glance at my computer, and everything becomes clear.

I never published my edit to Appa's page, and my computer was just being helpful by reminding me. That or it was some foreshadowing written by one amazingly talented writer. Come to think of it, it was probably my computer. I check to make sure that "Appa is a bloodthirsty beast that keeps trying to kill me" is still written under Appa's personality section before moving my mouse to publish my brilliance under the mask of an anonymous user. Wikia has once again changed the publish button, this time saying "I AM <insert nickname here>! Bring this into my world." Sighing at another attempt by Wikia to emphasize those user's nicknames, I press the button. And my computer explodes. And of course my warranty ended yesterday. Darn it!

I knock twice against the wall and a compartment slides open, revealing rows of brand new computers. When did that come in? I grab the first one I see, a silver one with a blue arrow running down its back. It seems awfully familiar, like I've seen it before. A little shaken by my déjà vu, I hardly notice when I turn around and find myself face to face with Appa. Slowly I slide my glance down to the computer, then at the sky bison's forehead, at my computer, than Appa's forehead. Computer. Forehead. Sighing, I put the computer on a nearby table that has appeared from nowhere. I can't waste any more time puzzling over why I seem to remember a blue arrow from somewhere. With a growl Appa moves forward to bite at me, and I instinctively do a back-flip—right into the wall behind me. Groaning and holding my head, I get to my feet to teach the sky bison a lesson or two.

"OH MY GOSH THERE'S TWO OF YOU!" I scream, before my vision goes back to normal.

Oh... Always an optimist, for a moment I'm glad that I only have to fight one vicious bloodthirsty fictional being. Always an idiot, I decide to yell "YAY!" out loud, attracting the attention of Appa, and earning several unhappy bangs on the wall from the people in the apartment next to mine. Gosh darn it! I dash out of my apartment and down the stairs; thankfully Appa takes the elevator. When he tries to press the ground floor button his huge paws make him press every button instead. I'm out in the street and just calming down when the elevator burst through the roof.

"WILLY WONKA!" I yell, before the elevator breaks to pieces and reveals a very angry Appa.

I run, as if that would help me now. Appa is closing in on my, his paws just an inch from my back, when an orange blur shoots onto Appa's face. Tigger's back to save me! Or eat me, but I'll just concentrate on the positives for now. I'm an optimist, remember? Before Tigger can seriously hurt Appa, a blast of wind knocks Tigger off of him. Just a yard away from me, Aang is holding his (snicker) staff with an angry expression. I throw a quarter into the gutter before talking to him.

"What are you doing here? I didn't vandalize your page!" I cry.

Aang gives me a confused look before responding. "What do you mean? I'm just dreaming, right?"

"Um, no."

"Um, yes."

"Fool, I will cut you!" I yell, before leaping at him.

He easily knocks me aside me aside with a gust of wind, but creates a pocket of air to cushion my fall. Stupid pacifist. I get to my feet, ready to throw down. Instead, a slightly familiar voice announces "Edit reverted."

I open eyes, trying to think about what happened. Aang, a fictional character, and I, a normal human being, shared a dream. I leap from my chair, only to knock of a piece of paper.

Person I don't know,

I took your shiny metal thing with the blue arrow. It was shiny I think it may be an Air Nomad relic. Hope you don't mind, Aang.

I ignore the theft, choosing instead to yell out my discovery the dream I had led me to.


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