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And this is Katara, my flying sister.

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Vandal Karma
Vandals beware...
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This is a story made for TAD's Fanon Writing Challenge. My sentence was "I fought an Agni Kai with Katara at the catacombs because I fell through an interdimensional portal." Note: I do make a joke about Zutarians at the end, but it's meant to poke fun at the really irrational Zutarians, not the whole ship in general. Please don't be offended if you are a Zutarian...

Vandal Karma

It was a normal day. I had just woken up, I'd had some cereal, and I was just about to entertain myself by vandalizing some pages on the Avatar Wiki. (I know what you're thinking, I'm pretty cool.)Moving my mouse over, I click the random page button and receive the Crystal Catacombs page. Before I click edit, as usual I ask the universe for a sign that vandalism is wrong. My cereal bowl flips over, dumping the contents all over me. One clothing change later, I'm back and smelling faintly of milk. Seeing as there's been no significant sign from the universe, I click edit and get my Vandal on. Deleting all of the page contents, I add my carefully thought out information.


Satisfied with my contribution, I click the publish button; which has mysteriously been renamed "Transport me to this situation". It was probably just another one of those odd Wiki updates. Before I can even have the pleasure of watching my edit be reverted; my computer's screen turns purple, which is odd because I specifically set my screensaver to pink. Before I can change my screensaver to the right color, my computer sucks me into it. I could have sworn I got that problem fixed. When I open my eyes I find myself in the Catacombs with Katara right in front of me. What is this, Comic Con? Before I can say a word, Katara gets in my face and starts yelling.


"Uh, aren't you a Waterbender?"

Apparently she takes my comment as a challenge, and she starts trying to attack me. Dodging water whip after water whip, I'm struck with the idea for an awesome water park. Before I can even think of a good name for it (Water Whip Park? Katara's Gone Crazy Water Park?), Katara has frozen my arms to the cave and is about to stab me in the eye with an ice spike. Right before my cornea is permanently scarred, a robotic voice echoes through the catacombs.

"Edit Reverted."

In an instant my arms are released and the ice spike is gone. Katara is still staring at me, but instead of the murderous expression that was on her face earlier, now she just looks confused.

"Um, wasn't Zuko just there?"

Before I can say anything (What is it with these people and interruptions?), a hole is blasted through a side of the catacombs, and some bald kid and old guy walk into the catacombs. Baldy hugs Katara, while the old man stands awkwardly to the side. I'm just about to ask what's going on, when everyone freezes. A girl in black pants and a black shirt with "Zutara Forever!" written on it walks up to me and slaps me in the face.

"This was their moment! You just ruined the Katara and Zuko scene!"

She grabs my arm, and in a flash of light I find myself back in my room. Pausing to whisper "Idiot taken care of, rewind and scene should proceed as normal.", she walks up and opens my window.

"Wait, did you just rewind time and travel to another dimension?"

"I'm an irrational Zutara shipper. Compared to that, anything else looks rational."

With that she jumps out the window and flies off. I get back to my computer, where I've only been given a warning. Thinking back, I can't think of any sign from the universe telling me not to vandalize any more pages. I get to work on Appa's page, replacing his personality with something much more interesting.

"Appa is a bloodthirsty beast that keeps trying to kill me."

Hey, what could go wrong?

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