Mountain near Hama's village By Midori122407 Part of the Avatar: Tales of the World continuity.
Mountain near Hama's village
Valley of Relics
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Central Earth Kingdom


Library Of Past Knowledge


The Spirits

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Avatar: Tales of the World

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Map of Earth

Valley of Relics

The valley was formed in the early years of the world. The very first Avatar and Spirit Leader created the relics to make sure to keep the history of the world was in this one place. So that only a few gifted with the knowledge could be trusted, the valley now has the statues of the very first Avatar and Spirit Leader going all the way up to Avatar Korra where two blank pedestals are empty. The Spirit Leader is supposed to go there, but the cycle stopped with Spirit Leader Tsusa, and now that the Spirit Leader has been reborn, the sages fight to find this person so they can put up the statue and continue the process. The valley contains records of all past Avatars and Spirit Leaders. Eventually, Spirit Leaders will have visions of the valley and will come to the valley for answers and take the test of relics to see if they are the Spirit Leader, but for the past 340 years, the valley has been lost, meaning the sages don't know how to get back to their headquarters; this was lost to time, but there are the riddles in the Avatar Temples on how to find the valley.

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