By DanMan7308 Part of the Vakama's Tale continuity.
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Fire Nation



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Fire, katana, throwing knives

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Jin, Chan, Ziki, Avatar Kuruk, his family.



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Soldier in training


Trapped in the Spirit World

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The Beginning

Vakama is the main character in the fanon Vakama's Tale. He was originally a fifteen year old who was already in military training due to the strict policies of the Fire Nation. Vakama somehow ends up getting stuck in the Spirit World with Koh. As such he must refrain from showing any emotion in order to keep his face. Much to the surprise of Koh, Vakama successfully avoids Koh's attempts to scare him or lure him into showing emotion for the past ten years, though he himself doesn't know how long he will be able to keep it up.


Vakama is a person from humble beginnings. He had to work hard to support his family and he appreciates the simpler things in life. He can be quite blunt sometimes but he thinks it as being honest, preferring to give the truth from his mind rather than soften what he really wants to say to seem kinder. This is due to the way he was raised and from the people around him, who have to struggle to make a living. Inside he can be jealous at some points when he sees other people his age enjoying life and talking about, what he thinks, are worthless problems. He was taught at a young age to not let his emotions take a toll on him, which may be the reason why he survived being with Koh for ten years without showing any emotion, a feat even Koh is impressed by and deems inhuman. Vakama respects people who can relate to his background more than he does "snobby, rich people" and cared immensely for his girlfriend Jin, who was a hard worker who wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, unlike most of the girls from her village. He was also known for his sense of humor which included playfully messing with people. Even though he despises Koh, he does in fact look at him as a teacher, for his riddles and stories opened new worlds in his mind.


Vakama has been training in the military for several months before his unfortunate fate with Koh, so he was considerably well-armed in combat. Though he was only learning the basic techniques of Firebending, he was a master with his katana, preferring it as he thought it more honorable and fair then "shooting fire balls." Even when not in the military he was used to doing chores and jobs around his village which made him very active. He also has a noticeable strong will as he is the only human who remained emotionless for over a ten-year period with Koh; a very terrifying and manipulative spirit.

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