By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom


Earth Kingdom

Physical description


Hair color

Dark brown

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Energy, Gravity

Bending style(s)

Energybending, Gravitybending


Hoccon, Aqa, Issan, Northern Water Tribe


Poshehn, Gohonn, Orjanti Tomoh, Magaw, Paladins

Chronological and political information

Farmer (formerly)


Energybending master
Bending bestower of the Paladin army


Paladins (forcibly, formerly)

Vahaan is an Energybender and one of the Paladin's many captives during their attacks on the Five Nations. As of 202 AG, he became one of the first Energybenders to grant a non-bender bending abilities. During the first Paladin war, he discovered the power over Gravitybending.


Vahaan was very young when he discovered his Energybending. When his town became aware of this, it wasn't long before a man named Magaw had him kidnapped and brought onto his ship. He was taken to the Paladins, where other kidnapped Energybenders were forced to train. Here, he befriended Hoccon, one of these benders. A few months later, Vahaan put his bending to use for the first time and was able to give a few of the Paladins the ability to firebend.

By 202 AG, Vahaan had been extensively trained in the art and was used by the Paladins for a new purpose. On board one of the Paladin ships, a lightbender named Poshehn, one of the Paladin generals, forced Vahaan to use his bending on his son, Tomoh, who had been born a non-bender. Vahaan successfully gave Tomoh the power of Lightbending and was then put into more training, this time so that he would be able to change someone's bending, beginning with Fire and Earthbenders.

A few months later, the Paladins began their attacks on major cities and settlements on all five nations, beginning with the Water Tribes. Vahaan was being held captive on one of the main ships. After Hallaq and a number of his senior students managed to siege the ship Vahaan was on, they stormed inside and found Vahaan.

To be continued.



Vahaan discovered his energybending at a young age. As he grew older and trained in the Paladin camp, he was eventually able to bestow bending on non-benders, starting this technique with basic firebending. Years of perfection gave him the ability to bestow any of the four bending arts on anyone at any time.

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