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Fire Nation, Imperial Legionnaires

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Imperial Legionnaires


Aang, Team Avatar

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Leader of the Imperial Legionnaires


Fire Nation (formally),
Imperial Legionnaires

Vade was a man who came from the Fire Nation. He was a follower of Fire Lord Ozai, but did not want to serve him and lived in a house somewhere in the eastern Fire Nation islands. During the war, Vade lived in the wilds. When the War was over, Vade emerged and got the Avatar, Aang, to help him in his grandiose plan. He created an organization that spanned the world and its members cut off anything linking them to their nation of origin, and dedicated themselves to serving Vade. Aang was fooled by Vade into thinking that he was making a peace keeping organization, when in reality, Vade was making a force to conquer the Earth. Eventually, his organization, the Imperial Legionnaires, succeeded in conquering most of the world and were the dominant government for a couple years, until Vade was overthrown by a secret organization of assassins called the Obsidian Order.

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