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Biographical information

Fire Nation


Young adult

Physical description


Skin color


Personal information
Weapon of choice
  • Long bow
  • Katana
Fighting style(s)

Yuyan Archers


Earth Kingdom, Aang

Chronological and political information



Yuyan Archers Captain


Vachir was an elite bowmen from the Fire Nation and was a Captain in the Yuyan Archers military unit. He was born sometime during the reign of Fire Lord Azulon. After joining the Yu Yan, he fought on the front in the Earth Kingdom.


Early Life

The exact date of Vachir's birth is unknown, though it is known that he was born sometime during the time of Fire Lord Azulon in the Fire Nation. He was born to a middle-class family who lived in the Fire Nation Capital. Since he was eight, Vachir used a long bow and became highly skilled at marksmanship.

Around the time he was a teen, his brother, who was a Commander in the Military of the Fire Nation, specifically the Navy, offered Vachir a position in the elite Yuyan Archers military unit, and Vachir, wanting to get into the action on the Earth Kingdom front, accepted.


After Vachir was accepted into the Archers, he was given more training from the Yu Yan drill sergeant, and became ranked lieutenant. For the first few months, him and the other archers were stationed on board the ships of the Mo Ce Flotilla, which were used to form a blockade around Fire Nation waters.

After the commanding officer of the fleet, Commander Zhao, was transferred to the Earth Kingdom base of Pohuai Stronghold near the city of Taku, Vachir and the others were transferred with him as a request of Colonel Shinu. He was stationed at the base for several months, and had run-ins with Avatar Aang during his adventures in the area. There wasn't much action since the Military of the Earth Kingdom forces were moved out of the region. Finally, Vachir was transferred to Ba Sing Se with the other archers, after it's capture.

After the War

When The War ended, Vachir was transferred out of Ba Sing Se with the rest of the Fire Nation troops, and was going to be sent to the Capital. A distress message reached Ba Sing Se before him and the others left, saying that Kyoshi Island was under attack, so him and the Archers responded.

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