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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Library.

Chapter Twenty-One: Vacation

Sokka is frowning.

"What do you mean, a vacation?!" Sokka screams. "Look, I'm trying to be mature and not shoot down your idea right away . . . but it sounds like a really bad idea."

Running his fingers over the glider, he shrugs. "I thought it would be fun. See, first we'll have my vacation, then Katara's, then yours, and then Toph's."

"What?!" Sokka throws up his hands. "We should go by age. I'm the oldest, so I go first."

He glances at her, leaning against a tree, the spark in her eyes betraying her mischievous plans. She slyly remarks, "We could go in alphabetical order."

Sokka nods furiously, setting to seemingly counting on his fingers about his newfound version. His face brightens, then darkens.

"Hey, wait a second—" Sokka snaps. "What about reverse alphabetical order?"

Watching Sokka eagerly arguing with his sister, he sneaks another peek at her, watching a halo of early morning settle about her neck and shoulders, casting long, deep shadows along the opposite wall, giving her an angelic appearance of kindness, hope, and love.


"No, no," she's answering, tapping her waterskin. "See, that's not exactly how it works—you can't just go in reverse. What about the order in which we joined the team?"

"You mean the Boomer . . . aangs?" Sokka tries.

He lets out a little laugh, his breath stirring the dust in the air into a pattern of what looks like Katara's face. Blushing deeply, he blows a small puff of air that dispels the dust.

She has crossed her arms. "Yes, the team. First there was Aang—"

"You're joking. I joined it first," Sokka corrects.

He raises his hands. "Sokka, I sort of think that, since I was the beginning of the Gaang—two A's, get it?—it all started with me—then wouldn't I be the first member to join the Gaang?"

"The Gaang," echoes Sokka, slapping his knee with one hand. "Priceless!"

He notices that she is rolling her eyes. "Uh-huh. Boys will be boys. Anyway, shouldn't we be asking Toph about this, too?"

He sits up. "Why? She'll just say, 'Vacations! Yeah!' and order to go first. Reverse age order? Wait, am I the youngest, or is she the youngest? Or is Momo the youngest? I mean, her opinion counts, but—"

"Ugh!" she cries, slapping her face with one hand. "All boys are the same. Of course, it doesn't matter what the girls think." Turning away, she stalks off, her skirt swaying with the force of her movements.

Sokka elbows him. "Great doing, Aang," he snaps.

He sighs. "I can't do anything right. Even when I try to."

"Oh come on. You're the Avatar," Sokka answers, leaning over and idly picking his nose.

He cringes as Sokka examines his find.

Maybe Katara was right. But no. I'm not like that, am I?

He sits up suddenly.

"Sokka, you're a genius! I know exactly where I'm going for my vacation!"

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