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Uzusim was a Fire Sage elder who was Avatar Tiros' teacher and confidant. He was the one who bound Melasa to Tiros.


Fire Sages

Uzusim's skill and wisdom earned him high rank among the Fire Sages as well as the honor of teaching the Avatar.

Uzusim was a Fire Sage by birth and a master firebender. He progressed well enough to earn mastery early on. As an elder, he was assigned to train and teach the new Avatar that was born into the Fire Nation.

Tiros was a prodigy and had identified in himself his potential as that of the Avatar. This presented a situation when a mutiny broke out in Fire Nation ranks. Tiros was insistent on fighting in the battle but was restrained, citing that he still had to complete training. At sixteen, Tiros left to fight and Uzusim followed to watch after him.

Tiros when to the Northern Air Temple to recuperate and train in airbending. As he mastered his second element, Uzusim went to meet his former pupil to find out he had been attacked.


  • Uzusim has some secrets up his sleeves.
  • Uzusim may be frail and old, but he is powerful and wise.
  • Uzusim is 'Misuzu' backwards, the character that Melasa is based on.

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