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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Utsah, the Bandit King
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Bandit King


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Book 1: Air Chapter 6: Hi Sho Village Part 1: The Village

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Book 1: Air Chapter 7: Hi Sho Village Part 2: The Bandit King

Utsah, the Bandit King is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan series. He is an undercover waiter of Hi Sho village which is located in southern part of the Fire Nation within some woods, and is one of the supporting characters within the chapters Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.


Utsah was the husband of the young woman, who's Avatar Rong Yan and Monk Yong Ten found crying, sitting on stump as they were investigating around the village, due to the upsetting Mayor.

She mentioned that her husband Utsah, woke up one night in the middle of the night to grab of cup of water because, he was thirsty. She heard a breaking a glass and she went to check on Utsah. He was walking strange as she calling out to him, he did not turn to look at her. He just walked out and out the woods.

The Sun began rising and Utsah broke free from whatever had possessed him. He was already too far away from the village. He set up camp a half mile away from the village, and swore vengeance to the old man.

While traveling around the woods to get to know the woods a lot better like the back of his hands. He found ash bananas and white jade bushes in a certain area within the woods. He harvested the bananas and the petals of the bush and crushed the fruit and the petals to together, making it into a powder or paste-like substance, he smelled the substance and blacked out.

After he woke up, he knowingly knew that he wanted to try out the remedy on any of the men that the Mayor had an lesser spirit possess. That night he came up onto a camp where he met a man, that never gave away his name. He was a bandit, and Utsah asked him to join him to rid of the old man.

Utsah ordered the man to enter the village as a waiter, at the local restaurant, he wanted him to investigate the Mayor for him, and that he would pay him. The man entered as waiter and wasn't seen for the next couple of days where he came back to Utsah telling him of what he heard and saw.

He claimed the Avatar and an airbender had been investigating the disappearances too. When the Avatar, and the airbender walked into the woods they used one of their own bandits as bait, they uses the substance on the bandit to knock him out.

When the Avatar and his friend saw what had happened, they tried to rescue to the man, but as well were captured by the bandits. Utsah, told the Avatar that he was not a bad man, that the bad man was the Mayor within the village, and what he does to the men of the village.

One of the bandits that knows the woods really well told the Bandit King of secret garden that has a connection to the Spirit World, as the Avatar could use it to speak to the spirit of the woods.

When they arrived, to the garden the Avatar did just that and entered the Spirit World. Utsah had his men protect the Avatar while he is in the Spirit World.

The night came where they planned the raid on Hi Sho Village. He planned out for the waiter's men to run in first, and then the archers to pin down the possessed men. He ordered the airbender to find the effigy and destroy it. Meanwhile, the rest of the bandits join up with the waiter's swordsmen, and the Avatar and the Bandit King to confront the Mayor and defeat him, all in the result for the Spirit of the Woods, to take the Mayor into the Spirit World.


Utsah is armed to the teeth, specializes in axes, swords, and hammers. Utsah is a non-bender just like the other bandits.


  • Young Woman (Wife)


  • Utsah, is name of an employee in an AMPM I went to in LA County.
  • Utsah and his men are claimed to be criminals, but they're the resistance force against the Mayor.
  • Bandit King, made me think of the Gray Fox from the Elder Scrolls games, even though he has a name and does not wear a mask.


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