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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
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Utsah's Bandits
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Utsah the Bandit King

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Utsah the Bandit King


The woods surrounding Hi Sho Village


Take out The Mayor

Utsah's Bandits is an affiliation in Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan series. They're Utsah, the Bandit King's bandits and/or henchmen. They help Rong Yan and Utsah raid Hi Sho Village and are all minor characters within the chapters Chapter 6 and Chapter 7.


Utsah's bandits are all victims to the Mayor's rituals, when Kai-Shek's lesser spirits possess them. They walk into the woods, and Utsah, had discovered a powder that he can use to knock them out unconscious and snap them out of their possessive state.

Using petals from the White jade bush, and Ash bananas, he mixes them together to create a red like powder, or paste. Some of the bandits are Pai Sho players. While they were in the secret garden two of the bandits were playing Pai Sho.

They help raid Hi Sho Village, with Rong Yan and Utsah, meanwhile Yong Ten finds the relic and destroys it. Rong Yan and Utsah quickly rush to confront the old man. Some of Utsah's bandits are very comedic, and sometimes play pranks on each other.


All of Utsah's bandits are non-benders, but all are skilled in an art of close combat. Many are master swordsmen, and masters in the arts of axes, hammers, spears, and master archers.

Some are in training by the Waiter, to become master swordsmen. Many of the bandits carrying swords with them. The archers are extremely skilled in archery and have highly great precision.


  • The archers are inspired by the Yuyan Archers.
  • Utsah's bandits are inspired by the Freedom Fighters.
  • These aren't ordinary bandits, they're good guys, they just call themselves bandits, so no one interferes with their stuff.


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