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Tala (daughter), Li (brother-in-law)

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Ustad is the leader of the descendants of the disgraced Dai Li. He is also the father of the Avatar, Tala.


Ustad lived in the periphery of Omashu along with his people, who were descendants of the Dai Li. Ustad eventually became the leader of his people, proving an intelligent and capable fighter and wise insight into situations. He eventually married his friend's, Li, sister.


An unusual Sozin's comet heralded the birth of Avatar Tala.

In 300 AG, his wife gave birth to a daughter on the day of Sozin's Comet. Soon after, their daughter, Tala, did something amazing. She earthbended and firebended simultaneously, Sozin's Comet accelerated the development of her firebending and proved she was the Avatar at birth.

Ustad knew this could save their community if they played it right, but would have to hide the Avatar from the world for some time. At seven years old, Tala was hard to keep from bending her two elements, meaning she rarely left their village. As a treat, they were taking her to a festival in Old Omashu as long as she promised not to bend.

While at the festival, Tala got away from her parents to get closer to the parade. She began bending to mimic the parade, but with firebending which caught King Urri's attention. She then bended both earth and fire, proving her status as the Avatar.

Urri took Tala. Ustad and his wife were still looking for her when news hit the city the Avatar was found. Ustad and his wife broke into the palace to get their daughter, putting down dozens of Royal Guards but failing to get past the numbers.

Urri made an arrangement with Ustad for custody of Tala. Ustad knew he couldn't get back his daughter so made an agreement that he can at least have her back in the village from time to time. Ustad made Tala promise not to talk about home with anybody, no matter what.

After a dozen years, war hit the world as the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom made an alliance. The village the Dai Li hid in was among the many that fled to the shelter of Omashu.

While Tala was learning waterbending under the mercenary Ralyn's tutelage, she was late to her lessons due to her common visits to her family in the city. Ralyn and Kulek Rohan eventually followed Tala to their headquarters. They were captured and presented to the Dai Li where Tala vouched for them and that they would keep their secrets despite Li suggesting brainwashing them.


  • Ustad is Azerbaijani for master.

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