By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
"your old as you feel young"
— Usanda's special saying he fallows
Usanda GDA
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The great


Fire Nation

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Kurohabaki Island


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Team Avatar, Kurohabaki Clan


Fire Nation

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Kurohabaki Clan



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Book 3: Fire - Book 4: Air

Usanda is the great leader of the Kurohabaki island. He is also the oldest and tallest dog in the Fire Nation, tall enough to look a full grown man in the eye.

While he was a little pup, he was caught in a deadly storm on a fishing trip with his fellow fisherman and he fell overboard. The shock and pressure knocked him out and he woke up on Kurohabaki Island. From there he toned the island for a while until he came across The Tree Of Life and made the decision to protect it. Since that day, he holds a whole new respect towards nature and all its majesty. He follows a special rule that kept him going for a long time, as described by Heizo. He believes that if you just feel young, you can do anything.

Book 3: Fire

Usanda first appears in the Boiling Rock Prison. He has send notes to both Team Avatar and Kurohabaki so he can have them get togeather again as he goes back to his clan. It's not exactly sure how he knew who Toph was. He shows up when Toph was thrown in the same cell as he was, eyes bleeding from Ozai's blast of lightning. He told her that she has to learn to deal with pain, as life is full of it. It was when he told her his saying is that Toph recognized him, and he was helped to escape.

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