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Ursa II
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Ursa II is the thirteen year old daughter of Fire Lord Zuko, and Fire Lady Mai. She is named for her grandmother, Ursa, who is currently undercover as an assassin.

The Assassin

Fun With Appa

Ursa II and her twin brother, Lu Ten run up to greet Aang and Appa as they arrive for a visit. After being "tasted" by Appa, she, her brother, and Mai fly around on Appa while Zuko and Aang catch up.

Beach House

After her aunt Azula's funeral, Ursa II and the rest of her family go to Ember Island for a month, while her father Zuko goes off to hunt Nero.


One day while staying at their summer home on Ember Island, several people came to their house and tried to kidnap Lu Ten, Ursa, and Mai. After Mai defeated every person who came after them, another man, Nero, came up the stairs. Nero eventually defeated Mai and was about to go looking for the twins. Lu Ten and Ursa tried to ambush Nero but their attacks had no effect on the assassin. When the two turn to run they are intercepted by two other assassins, Lian and Des.


After being set free by Nero, the assassin took Lu Ten and Ursa  to their mother and then sent them into a room where a woman wearing a cloak gave Mai her weapons and a map to escape the base. On their way out they thought some one had found them and was coming for them. Lu Ten and Ursa each each launched the largest fireball they could as the person rounded the corner. It was however, only Sokka, who was only slightly burnt.

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