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Fire Nation


45 AG


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poisoned daggers

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  • Assassin
  • Secret Informant for the Four Nations

Murder of Azulon

Fast on the heels' of Lu Ten's untimely demise at Ba Sing Se, Ozai approached his father, Fire Lord Azulon, to ask him to revoke Iroh's birth right to the throne. Azulon was appalled by Ozai's disloyal and dishonorable request. Therefore, he sentenced Ozai to lose his oldest son, Zuko. Tengu had returned from the front lines, unable to dispose of Iroh as per their earlier agreement, so Ozai decided that Tengu would dispose of Zuko to square off his debt. The deal was nearly concluded, when Ursa stormed into the room, harshly reproaching Ozai for his greed and cowardice. Ozai then offered a barter for Zuko's life: he would desist of killing her son if she helped Tengu dispose of the Fire Lord.

At night, Tengu and Ursa broke into the Fire Lord's room and slew him using poisoned daggers, then they fled the palace running away from the guards. They had been promised safe exile once the task had been completed, but Ozai broke his word. Ursa was devastated to lose contact with her children, although she showed no remorse for killing the Fire Lord.

Joining the Black Lotus

After she killed Azulon, Tengu took her to Ember Island where he led her to the Black Lotus Assassin's Home Base. Almost immediately she was taken to meet with a man who looked like he was around 100 years old named Lu Ming. After Tengu told the old man how she had killed the Fire Lord, he was more than willing to allow her to join the Black Lotus. After she was initiated she was escorted to her room by a large man named Des. Des made several comments about her family that made her uncomfortable, and eventually angered her enough to actually slap him across the face. The large assassin would've killed her there if she hadn't tried to poison him earning his respect.

Rapid Advancement

During her time with the Black Lotus, Sa had received increasingly difficult assignments. Yet she completed each of them flawlessly, quickly earning her a high rank among the assassins. She eventually was among the highest-ranking members of the Black Lotus. During her advancement she took notice of a young assassin who reminded her a little of someone she'd left behind. Over time she got to know Nero and helped him out with some of his missions. The boy eventually became her protoge, so to speak, and took assignments almost exclusively from her.


When Lady Sa learned of Nero's assignment to kill Team Avatar, along with the members of the Fire Nation Royal Family, she found Nero and told him of her past. Nero listened as she told her tale, when she finished she begged Nero not to accept the mission. Nero said that he couldn't deny the mission, but he also said he couldn't go against her. So the two compromised, and planned the actions Nero would take throughout his mission. Lady Sa then waited eagerly for Nero to bring Iroh and Riku to the Home Base.

Giving Away Intel

When Iroh and Riku arrived at the Home Base, Lady Sa kept them in the dark at first. Eventually though she revealed her identity to Iroh and Riku, dispelling any doubts the two may have had about her. For the next month Sa told the two everything about the Black Lotus, most of which Iroh surprisingly knew about. When Team Avatar invaded the base, Lady Sa assisted in the release of the captured Fire Lady Mai, and her children, and watched Nero's final duel with Zuko, alongside Iroh and Riku.

The Masked Ones

About a month later when The Masked Ones infiltrated the base Lady Sa found Kaine and Rha, and filled them in on the layout of the base. When they learned of the coming war between the Black Lotus and the Four Nations, Lady Sa took the Masked Ones to Nero's old room and gave them a large black stone before the group left the base.



At the start of the war Lady Sa, Lu Ming and Des met with the leaders of the United Armies. She was silent most of the time only speaking as they left, telling Lu Ming not to bring up her past.


In the midst of battle Sa had coated her daggers with a neurotoxin that paralyzed the body for hours. She made only scratched the Fire Nation soldiers with the poisoned daggers, but she stabbed and sliced the assassins, killing them.

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