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Princess Ursa is a character in the fanon series, Avatar: Guardian.


Ursa and Zuko

Ursa and Zuko

Ursa was very protective of her son Zuko, and Ursa may be one of the only members of the Fire Nation royal family (along with Uncle Iroh and possibly Lu Ten) who loves him. Her life is dedicated to protecting him. Her relationship with her daughter Azula was strained by the fact that Azula was emotionally abusive towards everyone else in the family, especially Zuko. She was forced to discipline Azula on a regular basis, but it was apparent to her that Azula's cruelty was beyond the normal level. Azula thought that Ursa thought of her as a monster.

Shortly after the death of Iroh's son, Lu Ten, Ursa's husband Ozai asked his father, the Fire Lord Azulon, to pass Iroh's birthright of the throne to him. Ozai considered Iroh an unworthy quitter who let the death of his son get in his way of conquering Ba Sing Se. This dishonorable request only infuriated Azulon, who declared that Ozai would be fittingly punished for venturing to betray his own brother in his time of sadness.

After learning of her husband's plan to kill Zuko, Ursa intervened. She proposed that instead of killing Zuko, he kills Azulon, not only to spare Zuko, so that he could gain power. She was banished, as the only other knowing about Ozai's deed.

Her way out

After being banished, she was given a small ship and a crew with instructions to ship her to the Earth Kingdom. On the way, she was stopped by a returning Iroh. After telling Iroh the events of the previous day, he gives her a larger ship and gives her an escort out of the Fire Nation. After leaving the Fire Nation, she arrives in the western Earth Kingdom with little money and only an idea of where she needed to go.

The Long Journey

Ursa's departure

Ursa leaves the Fire Nation quietly

Ursa only has a small idea of where she needs to go. She remembers the name of her grandfather's Earthbending Master, a man named Sud Bei Fong. When she reached his home, the head of the household did not know who she was. He nonetheless welcomed her into his home, as he felt a strong connection to her somehow. She explained who she was and her situation, and Lao obliged to let her stay at their estate. He kept her well protected; no one in the town knew she had any ties to either the Fire Nation or the Bei Fongs. She remained in hiding for 5 years.


After the War, Iroh, managed to track her down. He found her and brought her to Omashu with him when he went to open his new tea shop. She stays there with him, and eventually meets Cheng, who crashes through her wall. She gives him some encouraging advice, and sends him on his way.


During the Siege of Omashu, Iroh mentions Ursa to Zuko, who becomes single minded on finding her again. After Long Feng is repelled, she meets with Team Avatar, Iroh, and Bumi, telling all of them her journey. She is then saved from an attacking Dai Li agent by Zuko, who vows never to lose his mother again.

Journey Home

Iroh offers to escort Ursa back to the Fire Nation, taking her to the Fire Nation ship that would bring her home. The journey to the port is briefly interrupted by an incursion with former soldiers whom Iroh quickly fends off. The pair make it to the port, where they take a ship to the Fire Nation.

Reunions and Loss

Ursa takes a ship to the asylum where her daughter is imprisoned. She was going to release her, but the base was ambushed by attacking rebels, the Phoenix Warriors. Azula, having regained enough sanity and loving her mother enough to protect her, sends her mother to safety while she fights the attackers. While she takes out many, the is eventually killed by Zhian, a young Firebending master. While trying to escape from Zhian, Ursa is captured and knocked out by Jiang Rha, the organization's leader.

Upon waking up, Ursa is brought to Ozai, who is interested to see how she has been. After infuriating Ozai beyond what he could tolerate, Ozai orders her execution by the end of the day. Ursa is taken back to her cell, where she berates Jiang Rha on his reasons for serving Ozai. Ursa remains in the Phoenix Warrior prison for an extended period, having no way to escape while on the open sea.

Escape and Freedom

Eventually, the ship stops and Ursa hears people rapidly departing the ship. After nearly an hour, Toph and Zuko enter her room, after Zuko heard she had been captured. The two reunite in joy before leaving again. Zuko asks that Ursa remain on the ship until they come back to rescue her.

Following the battle, Ursa is brought back to the palace. While waiting to begin a post-war celebration, Ursa is the one person who had not yet arrived. Mai arrives to bring her to the party, and the two share stories. Ursa gives Mai some advice while on their way to the celebration. Ursa spends the remainder of her life living peacefully in the Fire Nation Capitol.

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