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By MightyBrit Part of the Child of Destiny continuity.
Ursa (Mishi)
Biographical information

Originally Fire Nation, now Earth Kingdom


Around 45

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information

Kao, Toph, Zuko


The Cult of Sozin

Chronological and political information

Former princess of the Fire Nation, now baker

First appearance

Better to Have Loved and Lost

Ursa is a secondary character in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny. Because she has forgotten her own name, she now goes by the name Mishi.

Before the story

After Ursa was banished from the Fire Nation by her husband, she fled on a boat to the Earth Kingdom colonies. En route, her boat was attacked by Fire Nation raiders, which Zuko believed were sent by Ozai to make sure Ursa didn't tell anyone about the death of Azulon. She barely survived the attack and tried to swim to the nearby Earth Kingdom shore, but didn't make it and nearly drowned. Luckily, a baker named Kao who was watching the carnage from the beach, dived in and rescued her at the last moment. However, the trauma of nearly drowning gave Ursa a serious case of amnesia and she lost all of her memories - including the memories of her husband and children. Ursa even forgot her own name and adopted the name Mishi.

She continued to live her new life from this point onwards, never regaining her memories of her life in the Fire Nation. Eventually, she married Kao, the baker who rescued her, and they moved to Ba Sing Se and opened a bakery in one of the lower rings. They lived out the last years of the War in Ba Sing Se, and ironically, lived in the same city as her son Zuko did for a short while. After the War ended, Fire Lord Zuko searched for Ursa for a long time until she was finally found by his wife Mai. However, due to Ursa's ignorance of him and her new happy life with Kao, Zuko refused to reunite with her properly and simply watched her from afar.

During the story

Life in Ba Sing Se

Pantu threatened Zuko with the knowledge that the Cult of Sozin now has his mother and that they intend to use her against him. However, this turns out to be a lie and Pantu was simply tricking Zuko into revealing his mother's whereabouts. In reality, Ursa remained happy and ignorant of the war brewing around her, but Zuko now feared that the Cult would attack her now that they knew where she was. As Zuko was conflicted about what to do, Toph stepped in and offered Ursa and her husband a position as the Earth King's personal bakers, thus allowing Toph to watch over her while she was protecting the King. Ursa was overjoyed to accept the offer and now lives in the Upper Ring, right next to the palace.

Under Attack

Zuko's fears came true when Ba Sing Se was attacked by a unit of cultists led by Xiani and assisted by the traitor, Lao Bei Fong. It wasn't long before Toph realized her father's betrayal and figured out the target of the attack and she rushed to defend the helpless Ursa. The cultists, however, had planned against Toph and were able to keep her on the back foot. While Toph succeeded in keeping Ursa safe throughout the battle, Toph was injured in the fight and was only saved by the timely arrival of Iroh. The whole attack was then revealed to be the machinations of Azula in an attempt to seize Ursa's body for use as a host.

After the attack, Toph and Iroh both agreed that it was time for Ursa to remember her past. In an attempt to heal her amnesia, Toph has taken Ursa away from Ba Sing Se to find Katara.

Personality & Abilities

Despite her memory loss, Ursa's personality remains mostly the same. She is a kind and caring woman who loves with all of her heart. Accordingly, she has no combat abilities at all and cannot bend, though she is quite good at making bread.

Iroh has described her as being an "optimist, with the energy of a woman half her age."

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