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Fire Nation


Fire Nation



  • 188AG-190AG (as the Fire Lord)
  • 190AG-Present (as the Empress)
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Firebending, Lightning generation, Lightning redirection


Izumi, Iroh, Zuko, Mai, Fire Nation


Kuvira, Military of the Earth Empire, Red Lotus

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  • Crown Princess (formerly)
  • High General (formerly)
  • Fire Lord (formerly)
  • Empress
  • Firebending master

Ursa is the youngest daughter of former Fire Lord Izumi and Xin Jian, sister of the United Forces General Iroh, granddaughter of Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Mai, and current ruler of the Fire Nation. After ascending to the throne in 188 AG, Ursa unified the Fire Nation, which was then divided into several small states, controlled by low rank army commanders and mayors, thanks to anarchists of the remnant groups of the Red Lotus. After the unification of her nation, Ursa abolished the title of Fire Lord, replacing it with the title of Empress.


Early Life

Ursa was born in 153 AG to Fire Lord Izumi and Xin Jian. Izumi named her after her late grandmother, Ursa, who had passed away days before Ursa's birth. As the princess of the Fire Nation, Ursa was taught well not only in the art of Firebending, but also its sub skills, lightning generation and redirection. This training, combined with her natural abilities of using the art, made her a powerful firebender at a young age, and many considered her a firebending master of her time.

Becoming Crown Princess

Soon after her 14th birthday, her grandfather retired, passing the title of Fire Lord to her mother. Her elder brother Iroh, who was a high ranking general in the United Forces, was subsequently declared Crown Prince.

In 172 AG, Iroh became the Commander-in-chief of the United Forces, and due to his responsibilities, he vacated the title of Heir to the Throne, resulting in Izumi making Ursa the crown princess, at a young age of 19.

Becoming a General

Ursa was married to a Fire Nation noble, at the age of 22. After her marriage, she joined the Fire Nation Army as a General, but soon got promoted to High General, making her one of the three most powerful military leaders in her country, after the Fire Lord.

In 174 AG, when Kuvira established her Earth Empire, Ursa was in favour of sending Fire Nation Army to former Earth Kingdom, stopping Kuvira before she could invade lands outside her borders. However, Izumi did not allowed her to attack, as according to her, she didn't wanted to once again damage the image of Fire Nation in the world's eyes, which once suffered much due to its armies during the Hundred Year War.

Fighting the anarchists

In 185 AG, some remnant groups of the Red Lotus began their activities in the Fire Nation, planning to dethrone the Fire Lord in order to achieve their goals. Due to their propaganda, secret activities and assassinations of high-ranking officers, these groups were able to divide the Fire Nation into several states, which were led independently by local commanders and puppet mayors. During their activities, Ursa lead the remaining Fire Nation forces to get rid of these anarchists, and also unify the independent states, but before she could achieve success, her mother Fire Lord Izumi passed away at the age of 68.

Reign as the Fire Lord

After Izumi's death, Ursa was crowned 67th ruler of the Fire Nation. Now having complete control over her army, Ursa started to attack the independent states, starting unification of the Fire Nation in the process. She established a secret intelligence division, responsible for gaining information about Red Lotus' future plans. Thanks to her strategies, the whole Fire Nation was soon unified under Ursa's rule, and the Red Lotus was finally defeated in a fierce battle in 190 AG. With their top leaders killed or captured, the remaining members of the Red Lotus went into hiding.

Becoming the Empress

After the unification of the Fire Nation and defeat of the Red Lotus, Ursa abolished the title of Fire Lord, and replaced it with the title of Empress/Emperor, with renaming Fire Nation as "The Empire of the Fire Nation". Ursa was subsequently crowned first Empress of Fire Nation.



Blue fire shield

A young Ursa employing the use of fire shield during her training

Ursa was one of the most skilled firebenders of her time. She was able to produce blue flames, more intense than the yellow flames normally used by other firebenders, though she only bend blue colored fire occasionally. Ursa also used her flames in multiple and creative ways, such as creating jets of flames, whirling disks, firebombs and blades of fire. As the Fire Lord and later Empress, she was able to create a greater amount of flames than most firebenders without tiring, and maintain successive assaults for a long duration.

Ursa also frequently charge up her flames, enabling her fire to deal more damage during a fight. When formed into fireballs, the flames had a powerful concussive effect, able to firmly pulverize stone objects. Unlike regular firebenders of her time, which usually focused on aggressive and offensive attacks, Ursa also employed several defensive techniques of firebending, such as fire shield. The depth of Ursa's potential was demonstrated in her use of defensive and offensive techniques at the same time, such as creating large blasts of flames, and using them to propel herself forward like a jet, along with powerful fireblasts against an opponent. This technique allowed her to defeat her opponents easily, as her propulsion was so fast that their attacks proved ineffective against her.

Lightning Generation

As a member of the royal family, Ursa was also taught the ability to generate "cold blooded fire". Her use of the sub-skill improved so much during her later years that she was able to generate lightning very quickly and efficiently. Ursa's potential in the skill is highlighted by the fact that she was able to overcome a number of Red Lotus members during their sneak attack on her camp in a fierce battle, by generating lightning very quickly and precisely. She would often use lightning more than her normal firebending, often turning the tides during her fights. Although she was also taught the ability to redirect lightning, yet she never used it.


Ta Min
Lu Ten

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