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Omashu Royal Palace


Omashu Royal Palace




259 AG

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Suun (brother), Esas & Kilidi (sons)


Tala, Hava Jinorra, Arkoda, Southern Water Tribe, Order of the White Lotus


Rishu, The Snowbold, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom

Chronological and political information

King of Omashu

Urri is the King of Omashu. He is an ambitious politician and a powerful earthbender. He is also the older brother of Suun and the father of twins, Esas & Kilidi.


Urri was born to the King of Omashu and has since been raised to be the next King after his father. When he was ten years old, his brother, Suun, was born.

Urri has been raised to think of his royalty and reign of the city as absolute. This has given him the ambition to separate the City from the reign of the Earth Kingdom completely.

Urri was attending a festival in Old Omashu in 307 AG when a little girl was firebending after getting away from her parents. Urri was intrigued as few firebenders lived in Omashu. He was amazed when she simultaneously earthbended too. Realizing that he found the Avatar, he took the girl to be trained in the palace.

Urri had some trouble at first when her parents broke into the palace and put down a dozen of his guards to get their daughter back. Urri made a deal to care for Tala's every need and to oversee her training in the city. It was agreed that Tala could leave periodically to see her parents so long as she returned.

Urri chose his brother, Suun to train her in earthbending in the Omashu Style. Tala continued to train in the elements in Omashu for the next twelve years. He insulted Regent Rishu of the Fire Nation by rejecting his offer of training the Avatar in firebending, which led to a ban of the White Lotus into the Fire Nation.

Urri would be witness to the war that broke out between Republic City and the Fire Nation. The Earth King summoned Urri and his forces to march to Ba Sing Se so that they could combine their armies.

Urri defied the order, under the pretense of protecting the Avatar. After scouts were sent, it was discovered that the Fire Nation was sending airships to blockade the city. Other scouts learned of an army coming from Ba Sing Se to Omashu, apparently reinforcements.

The reinforcements arrived to only be invaders. Hava's intuition saved the city from being overrun, but the city was then sieged by The Ba Sing Se Regulars.


Urri is a master of Omashu Style Earthbending. He could sandbend and psychic earthbend, which is bending without movements. Urri is a powerful bender, but he hasn't been faced in a long time, which makes people wonder whether he is deadlier or weaker since then.


Urri has been raised from childhood to think that as King of Omashu, he was the absolute ruler of the city and that there was no authority over him. This continued upbringing led him to think he shouldn't answer to the Earth King.

Urri is ambitious, known for taking advantage of any situation to increase the political power of Omashu. Determined to make every decision count. He used the Avatar to his advantage, and defied the summons at the outbreak of the war.

While Urri is strict in leadership, he has not taught his twin sons, Esas & Kilidi, well. Suun has been a stricter father-figure than their own. His way of raising them has left them entitled and obnoxious. Urri overlooks these things to exaggerate their best.

Urri is proud. He was arrogant enough to brag of victory on the night of full moon to the captured Kuir, only to have him attempt to assassinate him.


King Bumi

The 'Mad Genius' that future kings tried to groom went too far with Urri.

  • Urri was raised to be a 'mad genius'. Reminiscent of his mad ancestor, King Bumi.
  • Urri does not fear being replaced by his brother because of the sense of loyalty their father instilled in the younger brother.
  • Urri is a powerful earthebnder on his own and is an absolute master of psychic earthbending.

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