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December 4, 2014

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Past, Present, Future

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After our departure form Kyoshi Island, we arrived in the Southern Water Tribe, where I met some of the most incredible people of my time. Uprisings poped up, and my plans accelerated.


"So what happened next?" Tarrlok asked me.

Chief Sokka and I took a ferry, and Suki decided to join us to accompany the Chief during the mournful journey home. It took us a few days, had a few tears, shared a few drinks, before finally arriving at the port of our Sister Tribe. Many members of the Tribe gathered, and cheered as they knew that their new leader that arrived at the port of call was also their friend, Sokka.

"Whoo!" "Yi pee!" "Hip hip!" "Sokka!" Everyone screamed out as Sokka went on stage.

"It is my honour to be back at home, and become your new Chief. [Everyone claps.] I am humbled by the commitment that you all have made to welcome me back into this port. I will make sure that I will give you the same treatment, or better than my... I'm sorry, give me a few seconds. I will give you the fair treatment that my father gave members of this thriving nation," Sokka said.

As Sokka walked through the crowd, he saw his sister standing at the other side.

"Katara!" Sokka shouted out.

"Oh Sokka! [Hugs him.] It has been such a long time. It's so good to see you again, and I love the new warrior style," Katara said.

"You too. Hey Kya," Sokka replied.

"Uncle Sokka! It's so good to see you again. How have you been in the City?" Kya asked.

"Just the same as usual. Fighting crime, solving conflicts between benders and non-benders. Councilman Tarrlok has taken my place as the Chairman of the United Council. Lin has also recently taken Toph's place as Chief of Police, so there's a very new team there, fresh off the boat, I'm sorry, Katara, Kya, this is Noatak, Noatak, this is my sister and niece, Katara and Kya," Sokka told them.

"It is very nice to meet you," I told them.

"You too. I was wondering if you would like to head home for some fresh and traditional Water Tribe dinner?" Katara replied.

"That would be great. Thanks sister," Sokka said.

"Alright, let's go," Kya said.

We then headed over to Katara's home, down in the Village, on the outskirts of the City.

"It has changed so much since we were kids, the last time I remembered the Tribe was just one igloo, with many tents," Sokka said.

"[Laughs.] You tried to add that watch tower in, but it stuffed up," Katara giggled.

"Hey, the Fire Nation screwed my tower up... not me," Sokka replied.

"There's our ride!" Kya shouted.

"We're coming!" Katara replied.

So we took the automobile to the outskirts of the City. From there on out, we walked, as it wasn't very far at all. Sokka seemed to be an upbeat, compared to when I saw him at Kyoshi Island. I haven't tasted Water Tribe food in about a month now. Umm, I'm dying for some Water Tribe grub. Katara took Sokka to see his father's grave, but he seems to have accepted the fact of his father's death. Meanwhile, Suki and I decided to start cooking some Ocean Kumquats, with Fire flavoured soup, a recipe Suki taught me, when she was travelling in the Fire Nation years back.

"We made your favourite dish Sokka!" Suki and I called out.

He then came to the table, along with Katara. They sat quiet at the table. No words were spoken for five minutes, until Sokka decided to leave the table.

"What's the matter Sokka?" Katara asked him.

"You know, Dad passed," Sokka replied.

"But you're the new Chief of the Southern Water Tribe in the next two days," Katara told him.

"I know... We've done so much together. We fought along each side in battle, sat in prison together, drunk tea together, sailed together. We nearly did everything together," Sokka replied.

"I know, but you must be ready in two days, to take his place as Chief. I know he'll be proud of you." Katara told him.

"Thanks sister," Sokka replied.

The day ended, and a new dawn rose for Sokka. The next day, I was taken on a tour, personally by Sokka to see what the Tribe is like, and how the Northern Water Tribe has changed it during the last fifty years. The next day came, where Katara, Suki and I attended Sokka's coronation. He was announced Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Suddenly, he got a call.

"Hello, Chief Sokka," the Chief of the Northern Water Tribe said.

"Hello sir, how may I help you?" Sokka replied.

"Recently, we lost a member of our crew to the sea, and he is missing. He was thrown overboard along the western ports of the Earth Kingdom. If you happen to see him, please let me know. I will meet with you and the other global leaders in a week," the Chief said.

I sat on top of his office, and overheard the entire conversation. I knew deep down that I needed to help the people of Republic City, so I devised a plan, one that I will end up in Republic City, and create a group of non-bending fighters.

"Hey, Noatak, would you like to stay here in the Southern Water Tribe, or stay in Kyoshi Island, or come with me to Republic City?" Sokka asked me.

"Hmm, I think I will come with you to Republic City," I replied.

"Looks like another adventure, Noatak," Sokka replied.

After dinner has passed, the next day dawned as Sokka, Katara, her family and I, headed down to the Southern Water Tribe's Palace to attend his coronation, and his father's funeral.

"For many years, Chief Hakoda was a successful Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. He led our army into battles, and desired to protect our people. Not only was he a great Chief, but a great father. We will definitely miss his time being part of our tribe, but he shall be remembered in our hearts. Now, the Chief of Elders and I appointed my brother, Sokka, to become your new Chief," Katara said.

"Thank you everyone. I know I saw many of you two days ago, back at the port, and I would sincerely like to take this time to thank you for your commitment that day. I know my father did a great job during his years as Chief, and I hope I can live up to his commitment, and desire to keep our culture alive!" Sokka told everyone.

Everyone clapped towards Katara and Sokka. Suddenly, a flying bison landed behind the crowd and created a huge thwamp.

"Avatar Aang!" "Aang!" Everyone cheered out!

"I'm glad I didn't miss your coronation just yet. [Walks up to Sokka.] I'm sorry, but I've been so busy having to deal with a major situation in the Earth Kingdom, among the people of Ba Sing Se, ever since Earth Queen Hou-Ting took the throne. Boy those men take forever to ever come up with a solution," Aang said.

"[Gives Aang a hug.] It's great to see you, old friend. [Zuko gets off Appa as well.] Hey, Zuko!" Sokka said.

"Hello Sokka, how have you been? I'm sorry about your loss," Zuko said.

"Thanks man. So why did the two of you come to the Southern Water Tribe?" Sokka asked.

"Sweetie!" Katara cried out.

"Sweetie!" Aang cried out.

"It's been too long," They both told each other before hugging each other.

"I hate to interrupt you love birds, but we have a crisis among the Earth Kingdom citizens, and the bending bias citizens of Republic City. We are also thinking of creating a new military for global affairs, and United Republic of Nations," Zuko said.

"That's great," Sokka replied.

"But to do so, we need all of the world leaders to come together and discuss about these uprisings," Aang said.

"Guys, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Noatak. Noatak, this is Aang on the left, and Zuko on the right. I guess you know what they do," Sokka said.

"Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko. I... I read so many stories about you and your team's adventure during and after the Hundred Year War was over. Man you guys have some crazy adventures," I told them.

"Some, we had too many. Alright team, we are heading out first thing tomorrow morning," Aang told me.

"On the way there, can we drop Suki off?" Sokka asked.

"Of course. Where is Suki?" Aang asked.

"She is in the house with Kya, preparing dinner. Let's head over to Katara's inn," Sokka told all of us.

"Sounds good to me," Aang said.

"Wow! Team Avatar really sounds like a family, even after all those years apart. Reminds me of Korra and her friends, and the way they took down several Equalist prisoners. They were so close, Korra nearly finished me off, which forced me to use my bloodbending against her. I knew then, I had to run away from the City before someone else found out," Tarrlok told me.

"They were really something else," I told my brother.

So there we were, back at Katara's house for dinner. Kya, and Suki stirred up a wild Koi fish, along with some sea stew, with the traditional Southern Water Tribe noodles, and suddenly...

Knock knock.

"Hello," Katara said to the men.

"We're looking for Chief Sokka, as we are his new bodyguards," the men said.

"Hello Chief Sokka, I am Tsoi, and that is Rei. We're your new guardsmen," Tsoi told the Chief.

"Hello Tsoi and Rei. I thank you both for becoming my new bodyguards," Sokka told them.

"It's our pleasure. We'll get going now. I'll see you at the docks tomorrow," Rei told him.

"They were both decent guards for the Chief, reminds me of the Water Warriors," I told my brother.

"I only had that page," Tarrlok told me.

So after the guards left Katara's house, we all enjoyed a huge feast, made by Suki and Kya. All of us then headed to our quarters, and that's how our day ended. I learnt that a lot went on for the United Council, especially after the creation of Republic City. It's not their fault bending triads were created, but benders are the cause of all our wars.

Early next morning, all of us were ready to leave Katara's house to the port, until the phone rang...

"Hello, Chief Sokka speaking," Sokka said.

"Hey uncle! I need all of you here as soon as possible. We have trouble in the city!" Tenzin told us.

"Alright, everyone get on Appa. I'll see you soon Kya, I love you," Aang said.

"I love you too dad," Kya replied.

"Looks like I am going to catch a ferry at the port. I have to return to Kyoshi Island," Suki told Sokka.

"See you soon sweetie," Sokka told her.

"Everyone on? Appa, yip! yip!" Aang commanded.


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