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This the first chapter of my first attempt at an Avatar FanFiction. It takes place five years after the Hundred Year War and it follows up with he characters and it may introduce some new ones. Criticism (constructive please) is openly welcome. Thanks, Tonychiron (talkcontribs) 23:35, November 6, 2011 (UTC)


This chapter takes place the day before the Gaang sets out on the journey to restart a nation.

Chapter 1: Up All Night

Katara woke with a start. She looked around the room in alert. The water in a nearby vase began to rise and form into spikes. She looked around and as she saw that the threat was no where around, the water fell in puddles. The roses in the vase immediately began to wilt. She looked around the room. Her pillow was soaked with sweat and her sheets wet. She had been having this dream for the past five years ever since her battle with Azula. She looked to her right. Aang was sound asleep with a smirk on his face. His black hair tousled and his teeth white. Katara smiled. She snuggled close to her fiancé and she felt better. He wrapped his arm around her and she laid her head on his chest.

"You okay?" he asked, half-asleep.

"Yeah, I'm okay, go back to sleep," she said as he closed his eyes and instantly began to snore.

Katara was restless. She looked out of the window. She looked out onto the Upper Ring of the Earth Kingdom capital, Ba Sing Se. The citizens provided the rent for Katara and Aang to stay there for payment of his restoring the city to its former vigor. Their bedroom was on the third floor of the building. It began to rain and she turned away from the window and looked at the calendar on the wall. They left to begin their mission tomorrow. That's probably why Aang was smiling. He was seeing the revitalized Air Nation.

He had already set up where each would stay, but he also made changes. Instead of mastering thirty-six tiers of Airbending, he would teach them as Pakku taught him, with exercises and technique training. He felt this was best. He also had other changes, but she couldn't remember the rest. The dream had her frazzled and she had to put an end to it.

Katara lay back down and pushed all worries out of her head. Instead, she taught of wedding dresses, hair pins, seating charts, and menus. If all went well, Katara and Aang would marry in three months, on her birthday, and then, as a married couple, they would attend the first Unified Nations Meeting in one hundred twenty years. She smiled and slipped off to sleep, the couple wearing twin smirks on their faces as they slept.

Zuko hadn't slept. He shifted his weight as he looked out at his city. He was on the lanai outside of his room on the seventh floor of the palace. He hugged his robe around him tightly as a whip of the beginning-of-winter-winds came. The fact that it was getting cold in the Fire Nation spoke to the fact that this would be a cold winter. Zuko walked back into his room and closed the patio door. Mai was soundly asleep and her baby bump was prominent as she lay on her back. She shifted slightly at the sound of a closing door.

He was leaving her tomorrow on his search for his mother in the Earth Kingdom but in truth. He would personally go through all of the refugee records from the Earth Kingdom to find his mother. Zuko remembered his talk with his father half a decade ago as his father sat in jail. It had told him nothing. Nothing but his mother was in the Earth Kingdom and that she was supposedly married in nobility in Omashu, but Omashu's nobility had been killed, imprisoned, or removed by the Fire Nation when Omashu was claimed by the Fire Nation. Zuko was anxious to be so close to finding his mother and seeing her for the first time in so many years. Mai turned again and looked over to where Zuko was sitting in the corner.

"You have a long day tomorrow Zuko, you need to rest," she said.


She sat up, with some difficulty and looked into her husband's eyes. "You nervous?" she continued.

"No, just excited, I'm ready to see her," he said with a smile and he jumped onto the king size bed.

He rubbed his wife's stomach and they laughed together, then, Mai said something that made Zuko cringe. "I hope we raise him like you were raised," Mai said. Mai, seeing the err in her sentence quickly tried to fix it, "I mean I hope I'm as good of a mother as your mom was," she said but it was too late, Zuko's mind had already ran twenty miles. What if he was like his father, what if he, for some reason or another, was rigid and hard and unloving. He laid back and Mai knew that there was nothing she could say to get Zuko out of his funk. She turned and went off to sleep. Zuko still didn't sleep. He lay awake and a tear escaped his eye.

Sokka and Suki lay awake and looked at their twins, Kopi and Kya. They snuggled close to each other. Kya had gone to sleep crying, evident in her puffy eyes and wet pillow. Suki stroked her daughter's hair and Sokka held his son's hand. They were both being picked up by their grandfather, Hakoda, at mornings light. Sokka was leaving to help Aang's mission to rejuvenate the Airbending line tomorrow while Suki was going to Kyoshi Island to train an all new batch of warriors. Their kids, three years old, were too young to follow. Suki began to cry. This was probably the last time that they would see their kids in about a year and she was inconsolable.

Sokka was being strong for his wife but as she stroked his son's hair a tear escaped his eye. Sokka walked out of the room. He took his obsidian colored sword off the wall. He remembered searching the Wulong Forest for three days trying to find it. It had been stuck in a rock and Toph had to free it from its prison. Sokka took out his sword that Piandao made him as a gift when he mastered swordsmanship. He felt the weight and the balance. It was perfect. He looked at the sheath and he smiled. Suki had used a stiletto to intricately carve a mural type carving on the wood.

He put his sword beside the door with the luggage. He brought his mastery sword and placed it beside his son on the bed. Kopi instantly clasped onto the sword and he began to smile in his sleep. Sokka smiled but he could take no more. He took his wife to their bedroom and laid her down. She sobbed some more.

"Are you ready?" Sokka asked.

"Yes, I just can't believe we're leaving," she said.

"This is good for them too Suki. We're creating a whole new race to help us with the Rebels, we're giving Aang a family, so to speak. And you're helping keep the world safe with the Kyoshi Warriors. We're making their future better," Sokka said as he stroked his wife's hair.

Suki soon nodded and went to sleep while Sokka began to sob.

Toph sat on the roof of her parent's mansion. The pagoda style roof was perfect for lying back diagonally and feeling the wind on her face.

Toph was three stories off of the ground but she still felt the rumbles through the earth as an Earthbender approached. She was on the alert until she stopped and felt. The way the man moved through the earth was familiar. Soon there was a quiet thump on the roof.

"Hi, Haru," Toph said as she patted the roof beside her.

"I wanted to say goodbye before you... you know left," he said as he sat and began to fiddle with a loose shingle. He tightened his fist and it fused with eh ones surrounding it.

"Oh, well say it," Toph, said as she scooted in closer to Haru.

Through the earthen shingles she felt Haru brush the hair out of his face and she heard the faint rush of blood that flooded his cheeks as he blushed.

"Bye, Toph. I'm really going to miss-," Toph pulled him into a kiss.

Young Toph

Toph happy.

Haru's hands flailed for a second but soon found a home on the nape of Toph's neck. "- you," he said as Toph let him go.

Haru's mouth hung open as he inhaled Toph's scent. Then gravity and the sloped roof took claim of Haru's body and he fell to the ground. Toph was worried, and then she remembered, he was a master Earthbender. She reached her sense to the ground where she felt Haru melt into the earth.

"I'm okay! I love you, Toph!" he yelled as he tunneled under the palace and left. Toph giggled, "I love you too, she said to the wind, hoping it would carry the message to her love. She lay back as she felt the wind touch her face and she smiled.

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