Sokka introduces Katara
And this is Katara, my flying sister.

This article is considered humorous and should not be treated too seriously.

" After all this time, I realize that I only had unreturned feelings. It didn't seem right."
— Aang
Aang and Katara kiss
Unreturned Love
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Avatar: The Last Love





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Lego lord


Lego lord

Release date

February 26, 2012

Unreturned Love, or 未归还爱, is the first phenomenal chapter of the widely acclaimed series, Fanon:Avatar: The Last Love. Comments are much appreciated!


Aang paused in front of the railing, and slid his hand across. Katara, beautiful as star dust under the full moon was clad in a bright green robe, and a luscious flower hanging from her silky hair. She walked closer to him, and paused by his side. She turned her head at him, and blushed for as she knew they were destined to be together forever, yes I mean... forever. She placed her hand on Aang's shoulder, and they embrace in a hug, and the two smile, and the two faces are leaned closer, until their lips touch. A kiss.

  • Katara (blushing and smiling and laughing): "Aang, I love you! Only now I realize."
  • Aang (hesitating): "I..."
  • Katara (curious expression): "What is it Aang?"
  • Aang: "I... nothing, I..."
  • Katara: "Oh, you can tell me sweetie, please?"
  • Aang: "I can't... I..."
  • Katara (smiling hesitantly): "Please?"
  • Aang: "It's nothing."
  • Katara: "What do you mean sweetie?"
  • Aang: "Really, there's nothing. Nothing for us. After all this time, I realize that I only had unreturned feelings. It didn't seem right."
  • Katara: "What?"
  • Aang: "I'm sorry, Katara."

Aang took off on his glider, and flew away to his temple to hide from his friends, but at The Jasmine Dragon tea shop, she wept. Fortunately for the two, they were open to be with other people - other friends - ones who's love returns. When Aang left Katara, Toph could sense the vibrations of Katara's heart, and knew what it meant - unreturned love, which meant, that someone was open for her. But first, Toph wanted to talk to Katara about it.

  • Toph: "You okay Katara?"
  • Katara: "Nope."

So, Toph, focused on the thought of being together with Aang forever, sensed the entire world and found his hiding place. Enthusiastically, she used her outstanding earthbending to leap down off from the banister, and plummeting into the ground plunging it beneath her downwards in a wide circle, she surged herself up atop a swell of earth. With the running motion of her feet, Toph rode the swell towards Aang's secret cave at tremendous speed, leaving a cloud of dust behind. Toph finally found his hiding place. Aang was hiding in a dark corner of a gloomy room.

  • Aang: "Who's there?"
  • Toph: "Aang."
  • Aang: "Is that you, Toph?"
  • Toph: "Yes, it's me, Twinkletoes. Don't you ever forget who I am!"
  • Aang: "I know who you are: you're courageous and brave. You're so strong and confident, but you're also real kind and sweet, too. And I know it doesn't matter, but... you're really pretty."
  • Toph (smiling and blushing): "I am?"
  • Aang: "Yeah, you are. Of course."
  • Toph: "Thanks, Aang."
  • Aang: "Hey, no problem, Toph. Any time. Any time. There's something that I want you to know, too, Toph."
  • Toph: "What is it, Aang?"
  • Aang (shyly): "I..."
  • Toph: "You can tell me, Aang, I'm your friend. Or maybe... more."
  • Aang (smiling): "Well, you know how you never got to have your own field trip?"
  • Toph: "Yeah?"
  • Aang: Well, I'll take you on one right now!"

Aang pulls a scroll out from his pocket, and opens it up, revealing that it's a map.

  • Aang: "So where to?"
  • Toph: "Aang... I can't see it."
  • Aang: "Oh... yeah. Sorry. Then, would you just want to head to Kangaroo island?"
  • Toph: "Sure. Where's that at?"
  • Aang: "Far.... very far. I just want to go anywhere else from my friends right now."
  • Toph: "Okay, cool!"

Toph tightened her arms around Aang's silk robe as he pulled out his springy glider. The two flew over the seas and over the plains, until they landed at the Kangaroo Island Resort. Aang was in astonishment of the dazzling extravagance of the luscious green filled foliage covering over the land, but Toph wouldn't notice.

  • Aang (smiling wide-open with bedazzlement glowing in his eyes): "Toph, look how amazing this place is!"
  • Toph: "Aang... I'm blind."
  • Aang: "Oooh yeah... sorry about that."

To be continued...


Please remember that this is not meant to be taken seriously. :P

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