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The Air Nomads



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July 3, 2012

A small boy ran through the winding paths of the northern air city. Hearing cries behind him, he continued to run faster through the maze of houses, and eventually took a sharp right into a small back alley, one you would never find unless you were looking for it.

Backing up against the wall, the boy stared in fear at the entrance to the alley. He stared in horror as one of the soldiers entered the alleyway. He fainted as the soldier walked towards him, and grabbed him. The soldier took off his helmet, revealing brown hair and green eyes, and a smile that would send the Avatar into the desert. "Finally. I have you. You will not escape me that easily, boy!"

The soldier picked up the small boy and tore what he had in his hands away from him, causing the boy to shudder in his sleep.

"Ah, what is this? A single slice of bread. Ha! I would rather give this to a stray dog than a petty thief like you."

The boy, trembling in his sleep, was dragged out of the alleyway and toward the temple.

Watching in the silence, a man created a small fire on his finger, lighting up the alleyway where the boy and the soldier had been, revealing that he was a tall, dark haired man, dressed in traditional water nation garb. The man, smiling, said, "The police force is very useful when it comes to framing my enemies. Just placing them on the temple grounds, and arrest them for being there. It's perfect."

Meanwhile, the soldier was about to set the boy onto the steps leading up to the temple. The boy had woken up, and was now desperately trying to escape the soldier's grip.

"Any last words before I send you to the Earth Kingdom slave camps?"

The boy, now desperate, screamed at the top of his lungs, "Help!" However, no help came.

The soldier laughed menacingly and kicked the boy onto the temple steps. Smiling, he yelled, "Intruder! He is attempting to go into the temple!"

Other soldiers came from inside the temple, and suddenly the boy felt a huge gust of wind blow him off the steps. The leader of the temple guards, a middle height man, called to the soldier, "How did you happen to see the boy going up the steps?"

The soldier called back, "I am off duty, and I was admiring the beauty and grace of the great temple."

Suspicious, the guard looked the soldier in the eye. "Are you sure that is everything you want to tell us?"

Bowing, the soldier replied, "Yes, of course. I would never betray the Air Nomads."

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