"The mystery finally unravels itself,"
— Eska tells Desna about Unalaq's logbook.
Chiefs Desna and Eska
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January 24, 2015

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The Logbook


After Avatar Korra defeated our father, we returned to the Northern Water Tribe, taking our roles as Chief. It was boring, until we had a few things to check upon.


During the months after Amon's defeat, Avatar Korra had to face our father, who had grown to become a deplorable man and had turned into the Dark Avatar, nearly wiping us all out. Thankfully, the Avatar was able to end him. After all of us got out of the Tree of Time, I had to also part ways with the turtle duck.

"I'm sorry about your father. But he was already fused with Vaatu. I couldn't save him," Avatar Korra told us.

"It seems cousin Korra is under the impression we're saddened by our father's demise," I told the Avatar.

"But I will not miss him at all. In the end, he became a deplorable man," my brother told the Avatar.

"Agreed. But how will we explain this to mother?" I questioned him.

At this moment, Bolin invited us to live in Republic City, but we knew that we needed to tell mother about all of this. We then split ways with our cousin, and her friends, we sent the Navy back up North, while we travelled back through the spirit portals. As soon as we arrived back home, we noticed the forest, where the Northern Portal, severely damaged.

"I will miss that feeble turtle duck," I told my brother.

"I will not miss that one at all," my brother dryly replied.

"How could you say that?" I questioned.

"I'm so done with the turtle duck story," my brother said dryly, again.

As they arrived back in the Capital City, they headed back to the Palace, where our mother stayed.

"Desna, Eska, where have you two been. I've missed you so much. Where's your father?" She told us, before giving a hug.

"Father gave us a mission down South," I said.

"But he turned into a giant monster, who nearly destroyed the world," my brother told her. "The Avatar ended him."

"Unalaq..." Our mother mumbled before going into tears.

"Mother! He has turned into an evil man, one that you have never seen before," I told her.

"Leave me. I need some time alone," Our mother told us.

So we headed up to the throne room, where their father once sat.

"Good Afternoon Chief Desna," a guard greeted.

"Actually, both of us are the new chiefs," Desna told the guard.

"Would you like anything, Chiefs Desna and Eska?" The guard asked.

The two of us then stared at each other in silence. We knew this was a good idea.

"Let's get the tailor to sew us a new outfit," I suggested to the guard.

"Excellent suggestion," the guard replied.

After the guard left, we demolished the old throne, and created a new one, within seconds.

"That's more like it," I said.

"Perhaps we should meet with our tailors," Desna suggested.

"Agreed," I replied.

So the two chiefs headed into town, where the tailor's shop was. As soon as they stepped out of the Royal Palace, fans, and rebels gathered, as they cheered, and booed for their new chiefs.

"Could we escort you to the tailor's office?" The guard asked.

"No, thank you. We can walk down there," I told him.

"It's only fourty metres down the path from here," my brother added.

"If that's what you want," the guard told us.

We walked down there, with many men and women of the tribe, watching us walk down to the tailor's office. Desna and I started pacing ourselves a little faster, and as I shut the tailor's office's door, a moment of relief bloomed in us.

"How can I help you, Your Highnesses?" The tailor asked.

"Just the regular job, robes," Desna requested easily.

"Alright, I will be finished in six hours," the tailor said. "Oh, and we will drop it off at the palace for you," he added.

"Excellent," Eska said, before smiling.

The two of us then walked through the courtyards, and streets of our tribe, as our mother used to take us, while father was working. Buskers would just happily sit on the side paths, singing, or playing their tune's melody, as it spread into thin air.

After our walk around the city came to an end, we returned to the Royal Palace, where the tailor greeted us.

"I believe the robes would look well on your eminences," the tailor said.

"Thank you," Desna said dryly.

We headed back to the throne room to find...

"Your Highnesses, there is a banquet arranged for you later this evening in the commune room. All of the city's movers and shakers will be there," the messenger told us.

"Who arranged this masquerade?" I asked.

"The sages. They wanted to make it fun and lively, but yet keep the formalities of the normal coronation," the messenger replied.

The two of us stared at each other in a moment's silence.

"Alright," Desna said.

"Delightful," the messenger said, before walking off merrily.

After the messenger left, we decided to visit our mother.

Knock, knock, knock, Desna knocked.

"Come in, Desna and Eska. Where have you been?" My mother asked.

"Uh, you were a little... upset, so we left," Desna said.

"We headed to the Palace, and got our robes done," I told mother.

"Tell me, what was Father like when he took you guys on the trip down to the Southern Water Tribe?" My mother asked.

"Well, we found out that he has a brother from our tribe, who now lives in the Southern Water Tribe, because Father convinced Grandfather to banish him, after the incidents with the spirit. Then he lied to us about taking the Southern Tribe, and --" I said before getting cut off. "I'm sorry Mother. We didn't even see this coming," I reconciled with my Mother.

"Will you come to our coronation, Mother?" Desna asked.

"Of course I would, sweetie," my mother said, before smiling.

"Mom," Desna said with little frustration, before barely pulling a smile.

"You two must look your absolute best," Mother told us.

We then left her, and headed back to the Palace to get ready for our coronation. Two hours later, the coronation started, as the sun settled down. As we arrived, everyone applauded. "Yay!" "Whoop, whoop," "Hip hip hooray!" Several people in the crowd screamed to the top of their lungs.

"Let's get to our seats, quickly," I told my brother.

"Agreed," Desna replied.

We hurried to our seats, as Mom was there.

"Mom, you look great," I told her.

"Thank you, sweetie," my mother told me. "You both have grown up so much since I last saw you before your father took you away," she then added. "Wait! I just want you to know how proud I am of both of you," she added again.

"I love you, Mom," I told her before walking onto the stage, so did Desna.

"Today, we are here to gather before the new chiefs of the Northern Water Tribe, Desna and Eska," the high sage spoke, as we knelt down before the crowd.

"It is our honour to serve the tribe," I told them.

"Our father placed our tribe in an uneasy position, but I promise you we will amend his mistakes, and lead our tribe's future, together," Desna spoke with sincerity.

Many tribesmen and women applauded for this new beginning. Everyone continued to enjoy the dinner, but there comes the time when it all ended. My brother and I returned to the palace for the night. Two weeks have passed since that day, and nothing interesting ever happened, until Lord Zuko and our uncle, Chief Tonraq came to visit us for an important matter.

"Lord Zuko, Uncle. This is a surprise," my brother said.

"Finally something exciting happens. Ruling the tribe is so tedious," I added.

"Then you should enjoy this. We need to check on a secret ice prison in the western tundra," Lord Zuko told us.

We then smiled at each other pleasingly. As soon as we got ready, my brother immediately complained about his cuffs, as usual. We met our uncle and Lord Zuko outside.

"Is that a..." Desna said with surprise.

"That's Druk, my partner, and best friend," Lord Zuko told us.

"Let's get moving, guys, we don't have much time," Tonraq told us.

"Druk, let's go," Lord Zuko commanded.

So we rode on Druk for the next hour, finally arriving at the secret prison.

"Why didn't anyone tell us we have a secret prison we could have been throwing people in?" I inquired to my uncle and Lord Zuko.

"I'd like to put my tailor in here. He never gets my cuffs right. They're so ... crease-y," Desna added.

We travelled down an elevator to P'Li's prison cell at the bottom. As soon as we saw her, she told us.

"He's out, isn't he? Mmm, I'm feeling warmer already," P'Li told us.

We ran straight back up to where we came from and scouted the prison upon our uncle's order. Lord Zuko, along with Druk, scouted the rest of the prison area by air.

"Did you see Zaheer?" My uncle asked.

"The only thing I saw was a snowstorm headed our way," Lord Zuko replied.

"That's no snowstorm, it's him," my uncle told the former.

Zaheer, and Ming-Hua jumped out of their truck, running heavily towards us, as we were ready to clash. My Uncle took on Zaheer, we took on Ming-Hua, but she knocked us out in seconds. And Lord Zuko took on Ghazan, who beat the former Fire Lord.

"Uh.." Lord Zuko groaned as the truck drove off with P'Li.

The Lord got back up on his feet to find the two of us frozen. He slowly walked to us before thawing us out, and picking up the injured Tonraq, carrying him to Druk.

"Let's take them back to safety," Lord Zuko told Druk.

So he flew us back to the Northern Water Tribe Palace, where the healers took care of the three of us.

"What happened?" My brother asked.

"Ming-Hua froze the two of you," Lord Zuko told us.

Our uncle also got up, and we headed for the entrance of the palace.

"Listen, your uncle and I need to go and alert all the world leaders. You two need to stay safe, and protect the tribe here," Lord Zuko told us.

"Fine," I told him.

So the Lord, along with my uncle, flew away from our palace, as the sun set. The two of us then headed for the throne room. As soon as we got in, we noticed a crack in the wall.

"What could this be?" I questioned my brother.

Desna immediately pushes the block, before a sliding door opens. We walked down several flights of staircases before finding a sealed ice door. The two of us then waterbent it down to find the truth.

"Brother, this is Dad's secret chamber," I told my brother.

"This is some room, let's check this out," My brother told me.

The two of us inspected the room until my brother found a log book hidden inside one of the drawers.

"What's this?" I asked Desna.

He flicked through the logbook before telling me. "This is Dad's logbook, with his hidden secrets, his past," he told me.

"The mystery finally unravels itself," I told him.


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