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Southern Water Tribe


Water Tribe


Western Air Temple

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Saana (wife)


United Forces, Saana, Yanna, Tahina, Siyi, Air Acolytes, Anataq


Unalaq, Kuvira, Anataq (formerly)

Chronological and political information

General in the United Forces (formerly)


Firebending master


United Forces

Unnuk was a fisherman from the Southern Water Tribe who gained Firebending abilities shortly after the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. He later became a general and an accomplished military leader of the United Forces.


Unnuk was born and raised in the Southern Water Tribe and became a fisherman along with his brother Anataq, who was later trained when his Waterbending abilities developed. Anataq, while still honing his Waterbending skills, decided to move to the Northern Tribe to master it, leaving Unnuk to carry on their family's business.

171 AG

As of the Water Tribe Civil War, Unnuk found it difficult to cope on his own. Anataq had joined the Northern Water Tribe army and was brought back to the South to help Unalaq to prevent spiritual decay. Unnuk and his mother were both forcibly kept inside their home by Anataq, prompting Unnuk to secretly join Tonraq's group.

Harmonic Convergence

Unnuk, still struggling with the loss of his father and his brothers disownment, was left angered in the weeks following Harmonic Convergence. It began to escalate until he discovered his Firebending, accidentally setting his boat on fire.

174 AG

Three years after Harmonic Convergence, Unnuk was now a soldier in the United Forces, helping to maintain order in the Fire Nation. He also aided Waterbender and Firebender refugees who were forced to flee the Earth Kingdom during Kuvira's campaign. Unnuk was present on one of the United Nation ships that was destroyed by Kuvira's spirit energy cannon and was helped to safety by the Airbenders. This was where he first met Saana, one of his rescuers.

Unnuk later returned and fought off Kuvira's men, mainly those who were on foot, and even fought off a mecha suit, employing lightning redirection when one caught him in its grip. A few weeks after Kuvira's defeat, Unnuk was able to reconcile with his brother, who had since moved back to the Southern tribe. Unnuk also met up with Saana again, and the two began a romantic relationship. They spent a few years away from each other, with Unnuk becoming a general in the United Forces while Saana completed her airbending teaching, and missed her anointment as an airbending master. Over a decade after he and Saana met, Unnuk left the United Forces and began living with Saana at the Western Air Temple. They had three daughters together, Yanna, who was a firebender, and Tahina and Siyi who were both airbenders.

A few decades later, Unnuk rejoined the United Forces.


Unnuk was often at odds with himself, being a firebender with the mind of someone from the Water Tribes.


Unnuk became a firebending master very quickly, being able to generate large amounts of fire in any given place, and was even able to generate lightning before mastering firebending.

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