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"Though it may seem nothing but a hunk of coal, it will, over time and with a little heat become something better. Sure, it may seem ruff at first, but over time and with help, it edges will be smoothed out."
— The man, describing the similarities between a lump if coal and human beings to Sokka in Kuno Chaos
Guru Pathik
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c. 20 AG

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This unnamed man was an elderly Firebender, born around 20 AG in the Fire Nation. In 50 AG, while in the Fire Nation city of Kuno, he was involved in a scam that went wrong, which inadvertently caused a public disturbance and the man stealing a citizen's Komodo Rhino to try and escape. For his crime, he was imprisoned for life in a small penitentiary. After 50 years, he was accompanied by a cellmate, a Water Tribe citizen named Sokka. The man gave Sokka some advice and aided in his escape. The Firebender was both incredibly skilled and rather insane, possibly from his long time in a generally solitary confinement.


Criminal activities

"Oh, just a little incident about 50 years ago involving some...scams."
— The man explains his past in Kuno Chaos

This man was born a Firebender in the Fire Nation in approximately 20 AG. He honed his skills and eventually became an extremely skilled Firebender. In 50 AG, while in the small town of Kuno, he performed some type of scam that went unexpectedly terrible. In the process of trying to escape from his eventual charges, he stole a citizen's Komodo Rhino and caused several disturbances to the public. Eventually, however, he was captured by the authorities and was convinced into the Kuno National Prison.[1]


— Sokka responds to the old man's obscure advise in Kuno Chaos
Pathik in lotus

The old man in his prison cell.

The man spent the majority of his imprisonment is solitary containment, as his prison cell remained generally unoccupied by any other individuals besides the man himself. He was confined merely by a weak, rusty chain that spanned approximately 12 inches in width. After several years, he had become a very spiritual and theological man resembling a guru, while at the same time on the verge of insanity, and converted to wearing a wrinkly red toga.[1]

In 100 AG, after 50 years of solitary confinement, the elderly man received a cellmate in the form of the Water Tribe citizen Sokka,[1] who was in the Fire Nation in disguise with other members of Team Avatar[2] when he was captured by Militia guard and Kuno National Prison's warden Poah due to scams he performed on the guard's cousin,[1] Lee Koisho.[3]

Sokka was unconscious for several hours after being thrown into the old man's cell; when he came to, he immediately queried to his cellmate his location. The cellmate responded calmly while meditating. Sokka proceeded to ask several different questions, and the old man responded with both answers and questions of his own. The old man's new cellmate eventually became extremely frustrated with the old man's simplistic responses to Sokka's answers, including "Huh" and "uh-hum." The old man finally responded with full explanations and gave him metaphysical advice, which including teaching him calming techniques and explaining the comparisons between a hunk of coal that he kept in his toga and human life.[1]

After almost an hour of discussion, Sokka's friend, Avatar Aang, poked his head through the cell's window. When Aang tried to saw open the window bars with Sokka's machete, Poah spotted him and pulled out his club, signaling for other guards and members of Lee's gang to come and assist him in ceasing the attempted escape. Suddenly, the old man darted upward and harnessed his core Firebending skills, bending a massive and ferocious fire blast that burned down the wall completely. Sokka and Aang sprinted away from the prison, though Sokka did stop briefly to loudly ask Sokka why the old man had never done this in his 50-year-long confinement; the man simply responded by exclaiming "Where do I have to go?"[1]

The fate of the elderly man remained generally uncertain;[1] following the end of The War and the establishment of Crown Prince Zuko as Fire Lord,[4] it is likely that he was released from prison due to incarceration at an unjustifiably length.[1]

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