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By MateyY Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Mel continuity.
Bolin realizes
Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for the released chapters of Avatar: The Legend of Mel.

Unnamed Avatars
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Fire Nation, Air Nomads, Spirit World



Physical description

Males and Females

Hair color


Skin color

Blue (Spirit World form)

Personal information
Fighting style(s)

Airbending (formerly), Earthbending (formerly), Firebending (formerly), Waterbending (formerly)

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Chapter 14: The Love State

The term Unnamed Avatars is used to refer to all Avatars with the exception of Avatar Korra, Avatar Aang, Avatar Roku, Avatar Kyoshi, Avatar Kuruk, and Avatar Yangchen.


The Unnamed Avatars are all the Avatars except for those mentioned above. They all make up the Avatar State together and have all been through the struggle of saving the world in different ages. Some Avatars (like Avatar Kyoshi) had outlived about four generations.


The unnamed Avatars were known to be fearful of loosing their lives. That created the argument, later the decision, to lock the Avatar State. Will they come back to their senses before it is too late?


  • The Avatar is the only human who gets a spot in the Spirit World.
  • The Avatar stops being able to bend any of the elements (except for energybending possibly) once they die, since there is no substance in the Spirit World. The only exceptions are when the current Avatar enters the Avatar State, and when the current Avatar lets a past Avatar into their body on the Solstice (as seen in Winter Solstice, Part 2: Avatar Roku).

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