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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: Energy Saga.

Unknown Symbol
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  • They attacked Aang in the Avatar State, so they presumably want to end the Avatar Cycle.
  • The reason for this, as well as what their other goals are, have yet to be revealed.

The unknown organization are central antagonists in Avatar: Energy Saga. No one knows what their true motives are yet. They're a mysterious and ancient secret society from all over the world that keeps attacking members of Team Avatar at random moments. They are in a way like the Order of the White Lotus, but evil. Their members are highly agile and good at stealth. They have not been seen to use any form of bending, employing the use of stilettos, ninja weapons and small knives. They also carry vials of substances to either poison or drug their victims.


Earth Kingdom Bandits

Shortly after leaving Ba Sing Se and going to Jeong Jeong's house, Team Avatar went to a small town in the Earth Kingdom intending to try the local world-renowned tea. However, they discovered that the town was being terrorized by a group of bandits and decided to fight them. After emerging victorious and chasing down the last of the bandits, Aang was attacked by a man covered in black while he was in the Avatar State. Since he had attacked him while he was in the Avatar State, it is assumed that he wanted to end the Avatar's reincarnation cycle. After he left the seen, Team Avatar went to the tea shop and examined the weapon, to find a symbol on it, believing this to be representative of who he worked for. However, no other clues were found at the time.


The assassin who tries to attack Aang in the Avatar State.

Plot to Overthrow Zuko

A few years later, Team Avatar gathered at Zuko's palace. Upon learning that there was an impending assassination attempt on Zuko, they prepared to fight the culprits. After winning their battle against Zhao Jr., who was behind it, they discovered the symbol of the group on the handle of a short sword, indicating that they might have been involved in the conspiracy. It is unknown whether Zhao Jr. was himself a member of the organization or someone else involved in the plot. Zhao Jr. has been imprisoned in the Boiling Rock and efforts to question him about the symbol have not revealed any further information.

Following Aang

In the months after the attempt to overthrow Zuko was put down, Aang had the feeling that he was being watched or followed wherever he went. This was the case at the Eastern Air Temple and to a lesser extent, at the North Pole, as well as when he traveled with Sokka through the Earth Kingdom looking for someone to grant Airbending abilities to through Energybending. When he told this to Sokka and Pathik at the Eastern Air Temple, Sokka looked around the area but found nothing.


Very little is known about them at this point in the series. The history of the group is itself a mystery. More will be gradually revealed about them as more Energy Saga chapters are published. They play a pivotal role in many of the main events, even if they are not always seen to be doing so.

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