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Yuko, Seiji, Sugimura, and Shizuku went home from school. It was raining. Sugimura drove the car, as usual. He parked it in the garage, as usual. The teens walked into the house, as usual. Yuko lost all her books on the floor, as usual. Sugimura started cooking dinner, as usual.

Although this may sound like a normal day for the teens, it definitely wasn't going to be.

While standing in the kitchen, Sugimura noticed something. It was like someone was looking at him. From the outside. So he went out of the door to take a look, but he didn't see anything.

The teens were turning the lights off. It was bedtime.

Then, someone broke into the house. It was the X3 soldiers!

Twelve of them, and they had dangerous weapons. They stormed into Yuko's room. "SEIJI!" she screamed. The soldiers stormed into his room too, and he used his firebending to fight against their weapons. Sugimura awoke, used earthbending, causing parts of the house to be broken.

Shizuku awoke first now. "What happened?" she asked Sugimura, as the soldiers had managed to kidnap Yuko and Seiji and were on their way out.

Sugimura and Shizuku followed them. Outside the house, they saw a gigantic airship. A mysterious boy walked outside. He was Haku, leader of the X3. "I'll take them," he said and proved to have nice acrobatic skills, like a chi blocker.

He managed to hurt Sugimura and Shizuku, so the X3 got away with Yuko and Seiji in the airship.

Seiji awoke. Yuko lay next to him with closed eyes. He found himself surrounded by X3 soldiers. This Haku guy was standing next to him too.

Later, both of them awoke in some kind of prison, but it was weird. "Seiji, what happened? Who are they? What do they want with us?" Yuko asked.

"And where is Sugimura and Shizuku?" Seiji asked back, meaning that he didn't know better than her.

The prison was made of force fields. Seiji tried to firebend himself out, but it didn't work.

Suddenly, two X3 soldiers walked through the corridor between the force field walls that divided Yuko and Seiji apart.

They took Seiji out of the prison, bringing him into another room. Yuko became worried. "Don't worry, Yuko. I'll be fine," Seiji said.

Yuko was calm. However, that quickly changed when some other soldiers came out of the same room with another guy, who was pretty hurt.

They brought the guy into a cell right across Yuko's.

In the other room, Seiji was sitting tied up in a chair. Four X3 soldiers had surrounded him.

In front of Seiji, a big guy was standing. "So, this is how it works. You'll answer all of my questions, and I will not hurt you," he said.

"We know of your fire capabilities. We've seen you in action. So, tell us where you're from and why you're here," he said.

Seiji didn't say a word. "I like you, kid. I can tell you like things the hard way -- I prefer that," the guy said, slapping Seiji in his face.

Elsewhere, Sugimura and Shizuku were on a place where the police was investigating something. 

The X3 soldiers were torturing Seiji to bleeding.

"What's your mission?" the big guy asked. Seiji didn't say anything, causing the guy to slap him in the mouth. Blood flowed out of Seiji's mouth.

"What are you doing on Earth?" the guy asked. Seiji didn't answer. The guy gave him a black eye. 

He realized that Seiji wouldn't give him any information. "Okay, tough guy. Let's see if your sister is more cooperate," he said and smiled.

Seiji would never let them torture Yuko. His friendship with Yuko was that strong that he managed to break out of the handcuffs and use lightning generation to kill all of the soldiers.

Yuko noticed that the tortured guy, who just had been lying on the floor, now woke up. "Are you okay?" Yuko asked.

"Yeah. Worried about your friend? He might get roughed up a little, but he'll be okay," he said.

"What is this place?" Yuko asked.

"X3," he said. "X3? What's that?" Yuko asked.

"They're a group of soldiers who protect the planet from intergalactic threats. Not surprised you haven't heard of them," he said.

"Us?" Yuko asked.

"Oh, I know why I'm here, so you must be an alien or someone made a huge mistake," the guy said. "My name is Kane, by the way," he said.

"I'm Yuko...."

As the door of the room were broken up, Seiji arrived.

Yuko was shocked to see her "brother" tortured. "I'm okay, I promise. Let's go, we need to get out of here," Seiji said.

"Wait. We need to bring Kane. He knows this place," Yuko said.

"I know where your stuff is," Kane said.

"Fine, but one false move, and you're done," Seiji said as he broke Kane out of his cell.

Seiji and Yuko followed Kane, and Yuko was shocked to see the big torturing guy lying dead on the floor.

Meanwhile, Sugimura and Shizuku were walking on a grass area. "Are you sure this is the right place to look for Yuko and Seiji?" Shizuku asked.

"Trust me, I have a plan. There is someone I need to talk to -- in the Spirit World," Sugimura said.

"What? Who?" Shizuku asked.

"Just trust me," Sugimura said.

The alarm was turned on at the X3 base. Kane, Seiji, and Yuko were running as fast as they could. 

Sugimura sat down and started meditating into the Spirit World. 

He met a man named Not. Not was a member of the White Lotus. He was an old friend of Sugimura's from Omashu.

"Sugimura! It's good to see you, old friend," Not said.

"It's nice to meet you to, Not," Sugimura said. "Look, I need you to do something for me. I need a flying bison to the non-bending dimension, immediately!" Sugimura said.

"I'll fix it," Not said.

"Thanks, Not," Sugimura said and returned to the physical world.

Suddenly, a flying bison showed up from the sky. "What?!" Shizuku was impressed and surprised. The two of them sat up on it and flew directly to the X3 base.

There, Yuko, Seiji, and Kane were surrounded by soldiers. 

Suddenly, Sugimura and Shizuku jumped into the base, and the bison left.

Seiji, Sugimura, and Shizuku formed their Alien Elemental Thing. 

Then, Kane proved to be a traitor. Not just a traitor, but actually Haku himself!

"Who are you?" Sugimura asked.

"I'm Haku -- I run X3," Haku said.

"What do you want?" Seiji asked.

"Answers," Haku said.

"We're not telling you anything," Shizuku said.

"You don't have any choice," Haku said.

"Yes, we do," Sugimura said and showed up with a bison whistle. He blew in it, and the bison returned. The group flew away from the X3 base just in time.

"We're not done yet," Haku said.

Back at the house, with the curtains closed, the teens were discussing what to do now.

"They think we're aliens, but we're not. We're not from another planet, we're from another dimension," Yuko said.

"I still don't think it's safe here. We should go. Start new, somewhere else," Seiji said.

"No, they know everything about us. We don't know anything about them. What they want," Shizuku said.

"They want to destroy us," Seiji said.

"They had their opportunity to do that, but they didn't. They just wanted answers," Shizuku said.

"And I think we need answers as well," Sugimura said.

"Fine, but we have to be more careful than ever. It seems like now we have more than just the dark spirits to worry about," Seiji said.

And that was right. Cause at the X3 base, Haku proved to have a boss. "Sir Ihciok, they escaped, but one thing is sure; they're not from this world," Haku said. Ihciok was sitting in a chair.

"Haku, don't disappoint me ever again," he said.

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