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Part 1
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Sugimura and Kim dragged Yuko, Seiji, and Shizuku with them to an annual school event in the woods known as a Scary Mary party.

It was apparently to honor a girl named Mary who supposedly died in those woods.

Back in 1957, Mary attended Lincoln High and was clearly seen as a nerdy unpopular girl.

The day before the dance, she was asked out by a popular football player called Greg to go to the school ball.

She was ecstatic, however, he drove her to an abandoned farm rather than the school dance, where his friends covered her with mud and feathers, completely humiliating her.

She fled and was recorded to have never been seen again.

Yuko, Seiji, and Shizuku were very reluctant to join in the fun, but after Yuko saw a geekish kid named Jason trying to open a pop bottle, she decided to go and talk to him, and Shizuku met a guy to, but Seiji was still just not feeling the party vibe, so he chose to just hang out beside the van until a goth girl named Kristin showed up, and they began talking.

After little while, Sugimura picked up a dark spirit life form, and the four of them went to explore the woods but found an empty spaceship pod.

Assuming the spirit died on impact, they left not wanting Kim and the others to see what they were investigating. However, the dark spirit was far from dead.

While Sugimura, Kim, and some of her friends started doing "The Robot", the dark spirit who survived the crash, who seemed to be a shape shifting beast called the Phantom Chameleon spirit, began to blend into the group, looking for the group.

The shape shifter disguised itself as Jason and tried to kill Yuko, only to be stopped by Seiji.

Realizing everyone is in danger if they kept the spirit at the party, they split, but they were not fast enough.

When it showed its true form to the rest of the kids at the party, the other students all ran, giving Seiji, Sugimura, and Shizuku time to form their Alien Elemental Thing.

They tried to fight the spirit, but Sugimura found it hard to hit the spirit with his earthbending as it turned into Kim, but after some reassurance from Yuko, Seiji, and Shizuku, they got their act together and began beating the spirit, eventually killing it.

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