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Republic City under attack
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The story opens on the day of the invasion.

Yuko is on a concert with her bodyguard, Tom. She's approached by a little girl who's lost her pet, and Yuko decides to blow off her schedule to climb down a well and rescue the cat.

Meanwhile, outside the city, a hostage situation is playing out. The United Forces is keeping watch on it. A soldier named Seiji wants to go in and resolve things, but General Iroh refuses and tells him to return to his post. Seiji goes in anyway, and finds the hostages are already dead. He overhears the "Bandits" (In fact, Dai Li agents) discussing plans to invade. General Iroh leads the troops in, and finds Seiji surrounded by dead bodies. He arrests the corporal, blaming him with insubordination which led to the deaths of the hostages.

Back in the Republic City, Yuko's father, Avatar Aang is having an interview with two teens, Shizuku and Sugimura, and Seiji is thrown in the dungeon again. He tries to explain what happened to the Avatar - this is not the first infraction by a long shot - but the Avatar has had enough, and turns his back on Seiji.

The invasion starts. Yuko and Tom make a desperate race back to the palace while the Avatar fights a futile battle in the ruins. Seiji escapes from jail and discovers the invasion is actually a coup by a number of officers, including General Iroh, who is revealed to be a traitor.

Seiji kills his former General in an Agni Kai. Yuko and Tom, after their airskiff is shot down and Tom is injured, hijack a Dai Li tank and shoot their way through the cordon of Dai Li troops attacking the Air Temple Island.

Just as Yuko and her father enter the temple, they are ambushed by the Dai Li - only for Seiji to swing in and save them.

Seiji informs the Avatar about the truth of the attack, and the Avatar sees Seiji and Yuko to an escape rocket. After presenting them with Shizuku and Sugimura, he informs them that he is staying behind to lead his people. Yuko tearfully refuses to leave him, but he forces her to go. He then apologizes to Seiji for not believing in him.

The four teenagers board the rocket, and successfully manage to enter the rift gate, being sent off into the unknown.

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