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Azula is displeased with all the failures, her previous dark spirits have had against the Alien Elemental Thing.

She goes in search of the strongest darks spirit she can find.

Of all the great monstrous dark spirits, she is shown by Duraak, there is one in particular that all the other dark spirits fear most, one with the destructive capacity to annihilate an entire planet.

The spirit is then sent in a missile through the rift gate, entering the non-bending dimension in order to destroy the Aliens. 

Yuko, Seiji, Sugimura, and Shizuku intercept the missile before it can crash on the ground and among the debris they find a large sealed container.

Seiji slices it open to find a cute and cuddly spirit who they keep as a pet until Sugimura finds out that the planet's atmosphere is making it sick.

Yuko names him Marshmallow because he is mushy like a marshmallow and he enjoys eating them.

Sugimura comes to find out that he is a living bomb, and that he isn't stable in the atmosphere.

The more he stays in the non-bending dimension, the more he gets sick, which will trigger him into exploding at his death. The explosion would be large enough to destroy an entire planet.

Sugimura convinces Seiji and Yuko that they must send it a safe distance away from the planet into space so when it dies it will not destroy the planet.

The team forms their Alien Elemental Thing and then fly him to space far enough from planet Earth.

After the spirit safely detonates in space, Sugimura discovers that its explosion has created a new constellation.

An astronomer tells Yuko, Seiji, Sugimura, and Shizuku that since they had discovered it they get to name it.

They decide to give it the name Marshmallow.

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