Seiji Alone
Part 8
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Seiji Alone

Seiji was walking on the street alone. It was night, dark and it was raining. While walking, he looked into a window, seeing a father and his son enjoying their time together. It reminded him of his father, Kouichi.


At Kouichi's funeral, Avatar Aang was talking about a great memory the two of them had shared in the past.

A young sad Seiji stood there and listened.

So did the young Yuko, and while her father was talking, she looked at the dead man's son. Seiji noticed that Yuko was looking at him, and then she stopped looking at him, pretending she did never do it.

Aang ended his speech with referring to Kouichi as his own friend.

After the end of the funeral, Aang and Fire Lord Zuko, who was there too, looked at Seiji, who was standing alone. Aang and Zuko walked to him.

"He will be all right, Seiji," Aang said. He was talking about Kouichi. "He's not even in there," Seiji said. Aang and Zuko looked confused at each other and leaved.

Seiji was standing alone in front of the chest decorated with flowers and a picture of Kouichi on the top. "He will be back. He always comes back," he said.

Meanwhile, Aang and Yuko was standing at a distance, looking at Seiji. "What's going to happen to that boy, daddy? Where will he go? Where will he stay? Will he have friends?" Yuko asked worried. "Yes, yes, my little girl," Aang said and hugged her. "We have taken care of everything."


Seiji was walking in the rain. He looked up at the dark sky. A great lightening was about to hit him, but he easily redirected it, making the thunder even louder. The bad weather reminded him of his first day at the National Fire Academy for Boys.


A young Seiji was arriving outside the academy. It was raining.

He didn't see anyone there, except for three boys, but they didn't look nice. The boy in the middle, Hide, said, "Since when did this school became and orphanage? Bet your dad was crazy after all, since he blew himself up."

That made Seiji become so angry that he shot a fireball at Hide, causing the three boys to do the same at Seiji, then leaving him alone outside in the rain on the ground, wet and dirty.


Seiji saw three boys bully a younger boy. He became that angry that he used his firebending to scare the boys away. Even if the younger was scared too and went home to his parents, it didn't matter because Seiji was glad to help. He remembered his school mate, Charles.


Seiji and Charles shared room at the boarding school.

In the night, Seiji wake up and shouted: "Dad?!" causing Charles to wake up. "Sorry," Seiji said. "Just, my dad always comes home from the lab at this time. We will have a snack, and he tells me about the stuff he has invented". While Seiji was talking, he didn't notice that Charles was asleep again, until now.

Seiji looked at the picture of him and his dad at his nightstand, said, "Good night, dad," and felt asleep too.


Seiji smiled and walked home. He took a look into his friend's bedrooms. All of them, Yuko, Sugimura and Shizuku was asleep. Seiji was glad they were okay, and he went to his own bedroom, and while looking out to the window he said to himself: "He will come back, I'm sure."

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