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Secretary of Night
Part 6
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Yuko and Seiji is dreaming. In her dream, Yuko is in a rowboat out in the ocean. Suddenly a drowning man appears and begs her to help him. Then a drowning woman appears closer to Yuko's boat and says the same thing. Then the hands of even more drowning people appear all around her boat and they all plead with her to save them. In Seiji's dream, he is a little boy in a science lab in his home dimension. One of the scientists there is his father. Suddenly alarms go off, lights flash, and the scientists turn into monsters which all chase after the young Seiji. Then Sugimura and Shizuku wakes up both Yuko and Seiji to tell them a rift gate has opened. The four of them goes outside. The teens find an ancient looking stone with strange hieroglyphics all over it. When they touch the stone, it shocks them.

The next morning the group is in the kitchen and everything appears to be normal. Sugimura and Shizuku are washing dishes when Yuko and Seiji sit at the table. When they talk about having a strange dream, Yuko and Seiji both describe it as forming the Alien Elemental Thing and finding a strange stone. Confused, they ask Sugimura and Shizuku if what they thought was a dream really happened. Sugimura tells them he has no recollection of anything that happened after they went to sleep, which is not normal.

At school, Seiji and Yuko start seeing strange visions. First Seiji's father appears to him in the hall, and then he sees his younger self in a crowd of students. Seiji chases after his young self, but stops when he spots a suspicious cloaked figure in another hall that no one else seems to notice. Then the alarms and flashing lights from his nightmare return, as well as the dark spirits. Even when they vanish and everything returns to normal, Seiji is still really scared and runs from the school. Meanwhile, Yuko is in a classroom reading a textbook when the floorboards start begging her for help. Then the illustration in her book comes alive, turns into her father and also pleads for her help. Scared and confused, she runs out into the hallway but arms reach out of the walls and grab her. After breaking free of the arms she runs from the school in tears. In his own class, Sugimura is ignoring the teacher and going over his tapes of closed-circuit television on his tablet from the night before. When he comes to the moment when they all went to their rooms to sleep, he notices a dark figure that he didn't see before. He realizes that it's some kind of a dark spirit. He then tries to contact Yuko, Seiji, and Shizuku, and tells the teacher he needs to use the bathroom in order to get out of class.

Seiji runs through the streets to get back to the house and doesn't stop until he crashes into a mail carrier. Then he sees Yuko run by, and she is so distraught that she doesn't notice a car coming at her. Seiji rescues her just in time, and when the car is gone Yuko tells him that they need to go back to the Republic City in their home dimension. She thinks her father and the people are trying to communicate with her through her visions. Then Seiji lets slip that he's also having visions and she demands to know what they are. At first he doesn't want to talk about it, but he relents and tells her they are about the moment his father died. When Seiji and Yuko get to the house, the dark figure is waiting for them in the living room. At first they think he's another vision, but he attacks Seiji by shooting an energy blast from the end of his staff and knocks him through a wall.

Meanwhile, Sugimura and Shizuku have left the school and is running back to the house. Sugimura becomes worried that their attempts to call Seiji and Yuko aren't being answered. At the house the Dark Shaman has Seiji and Yuko under his spell and causes them both to experience more nightmares. For Seiji it's seeing his father being attacked by dark spirits, for Yuko it's seeing a desolate Republic City and her father dead. Then Sugimura and Shizuku bursts into the house, knocks the shaman through a wall and carries Yuko and Seiji outside. Seiji, Sugimura and Shizuku quickly create their Alien Elemental Thing, but Seiji and Yuko are still too weak to fight the shaman. They run away to buy some time but the shaman transports himself to the stone from before and enters it, bringing it to life and turning it into a multi-armed giant. While they are running at the street the group realizes that the shaman is attacking their minds and argues over whether the visions are real or not. The shaman uses his powers to attack Yuko and Seiji's minds again.

In Seiji's nightmare, he is once again in the laboratory fighting a hoard of dark spirits keeping him away from his father, who is standing before a prototype rift gate. Once he breaks free and approaches his father, the dark spirits back off and the memory proceeds as it actually happened. Young Seiji begs his father not to go but his father tells him he has to and that everything will be alright. After his father disappears through the gate, Seiji becomes a teenager again and hears Yuko's voice through an open door. He enters her nightmare of a desolate Republic City and sees her crying over Aang's dead body. Suddenly the Avatar sits up like a zombie and attacks her. Seiji saves her and after a short fight Aang is knocked out. Yuko, still thinking the dream is reality, wants to stay and save their home but Seiji tells her that everything here is just an illusion created by the shaman. When she realizes the truth the dream world around them vanishes and they return to Sugimura and Shizuku.

The teens finally defeats the spirit. Later at the house, Yuko and Sugimura are in the control room. Despite Sugimura saying that it could take years for signal from this dimension to reach the Republic City, Yuko has him send a message to give the people hope and to find out if her father is alive. In his room, Seiji puts a photo of his younger self with his father by his bed and looks out the window, wondering aloud why his father left.

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