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Part 4
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In the Republic City a band of rebel soldiers are in an underground hide out discussing their grim situation. Along with fighting Dai Li agents, they are trying to take care of refugees. Their hide out is discovered, forcing them to evacuate the civilians and fight the invading creatures. During the battle two of the soldiers talk about how Seiji's presence would even the odds and that his mission for the Avatar must be more dangerous than this. Azula tries without success to find out why Yuko keeps defeating the spirits she sends. Azula summons a dark spirit called Xeexi to force Aang into talking. Xeexi succeeds in making him reveal that Yuko has three companions but cannot learn their identities. Azula orders Xeexi to go to the non-bending dimensions, find out what's going on, and kill her enemies.

In Colorado, Seiji is going through a particularly unpleasant school day with boring teachers, creepy classmates and a defective locker. At lunch Yuko is displeased with the food and tries to rally the other students to the cause of demanding a better menu. Only Sugimura and Shizuku is on her side, and Seiji finds the whole scene embarrassing. At home, Yuko, Sugimura and Shizuku cooks dishes from their own dimension with the ultimate goal of changing the school menu. Seiji, still in a bad mood, asks Sugimura if anything has come through the rift gate but Sugimura says no. Yuko tries to cheer Seiji up and include him in their food project, but he angrily refuses.

Later that night Seiji is unable to sleep and sneaks out of the house to go running. While he's out he comes across a hostage situation in an office building. Even though police are there, he pulls up the hood on his sweatshirt to disguise himself and sneaks in. He defeats the two criminals easily, frees the hostage, and disappears before the police can see him. Meanwhile, Xeexi comes through the rift gate in a spaceship and lands in Colorado.

The next morning Seiji is in a much better mood, much to the surprise of the other teens. When they inform him of their plans to hold a food tasting party to get the other students involved, he agrees to help them. Sugimura also informs him that the rift gate was opened last night but he thinks it was just a small anomaly. Then a news report plays on TV about the hostage situation Seiji solved, and the hostage refers to the mysterious vigilante who saved him as Super Hero. Yuko doesn't realize that the vigilante is really Seiji and praises the mystery hero. Later at school Yuko, Sugimura and Shizuku try to get students to come to their food tasting party, but only Seiji's efforts succeed thanks to his popularity.

Over the next few nights Lance does more vigilante work as the Super Hero. He clearly enjoys fighting crime but it leaves him exhausted in the mornings, making his friends worry about him. At the same time Xeexi searches the city in vain for the Avatar's daughter and her three guardians. Then one night Seiji foils a bank robbery by firebending. Not only does this attract attention from onlookers, but Xeexi as well. Seiji returns home to find Sugimura waiting for him in his room. When he questions him on where he's been and why he was firebending Seiji makes up a lie to get rid of him.

The next day is the day of Yuko's food party. While she and Shizuku is busy getting ready, Sugimura shows Seiji news footage of him firebending from the night before, proving that he knows his secret. Sugimura promises not to tell the girls on the condition that Seiji stops doing vigilante work. Seiji is reluctant to quit because he feels it gives him a purpose, but Sugimura reminds him that his activities could put all of them in danger. Yuko, Sugimura and Shizuku then go to the school while Seiji stays at the house to get ready for the party, but the sound of police sirens outside lure him away. He follows the police to a jewelry store and finally realizes that they can handle the jewel thief without him, but he is attacked and captured by Xeexi.

At the school cafeteria Yuko is hosting the food party with Sugimura and Shizuku. A large number of students have come but they are disappointed that Seiji isn't there and they start leaving when he doesn't show up. Meanwhile, Xeexi is holding Seiji as a prisoner in his ship and tortures him into revealing Yuko's location at the school. Leaving Seiji in the ship, Xeexi goes to attack the Avatar's daughter. Yuko, Sugimura and Shizuku fight back, wrecking the cafeteria in the process, but they are no match for him. Seiji manages to escape the ship, and come to their aid just in time. Xeexi tries to attack them from his ship, but when they form their fire-earth-water thing he is forced to retreat. Before the team crushes him, Xeexi manages to record an image of the thing and send it through the rift gate.

When school resumes the cafeteria is still destroyed and Yuko is sad that Seiji let her down over the party. Then she, Sugimura, and Shizuku find him giving out their food to the students and all is well again. But in the Republic City, Azula has received Xeexi's recording of the Alien Elemental Thing and wants Aang to tell her everything he knows about it.

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