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Somewhere in the ocean a group of divers find and carry a very large, mysterious rock to a submarine. The scene then cuts to a TV interview with General Valo on the subject of whether the Aliens is friend or foe. While the host argues that the Aliens is a group of heroes for saving the city from the fiery alien, Valo considers the Aliens to be an alien threat and swears to prevent it from endangering the country. When the host questions if his army could be effective against the Aliens, Valo hints that he has a trick up his sleeve.

Yuko, Seiji, Sugimura and Shizuku are at the mall, when Seiji says they should go back home. Yuko and Seiji then starts arguing. On the way home Yuko and Seiji are too angry to speak to or even look at each other. Sugimura, disguised as their father and driving their car, is also quiet but is concerned instead of angry. Shizuku, disguised as their mother tells them to calm down, although they aren't really saying anything.

When the Bendson Family arrives at their house it is night. Seiji and Yuko go in ahead of Sugimura and as he exits the car he meets another family that lives around the block. The two young children are arguing over whose turn it is to hold their dog's leash, but the father solves the problem and their behavior quickly improves. When Sugimura sees this he is inspired to do the same thing with his "kids". Meanwhile, Yuko and Seiji need to write an oral presentation on the Battle of Little Big Horn for their history class the next day. Yuko wants to write it now but Seiji wants to put it off until he's done exercising. Even more annoyed with him, she decides to write the presentation herself.

That same night at a military base, General Valo is supervising a group of scientists studying the mystery rock from the ocean. Valo believes it could be from space and help them prepare for another giant alien attack. He orders it to be opened with a nuclear powered device called the X-18, but Haku appears on a large monitor screen and warns him not to do it. Valo ignores him and bullies the scientists into using the X-18 on the rock, but it doesn't seem to do anything. However, the next morning there's a huge cylindrical storm cloud on the army base. The lead scientist tells Valo that the X-18 caused the cloud to come out of the rock. Valo thinks his forces will be enough to destroy it but he's soon proven wrong. When Haku appears in person, he tells Valo that since he caused this mess it's up to him to stop it.

Meanwhile, at the Bendson house, Seiji finds Sugimura in the kitchen cooking breakfast. When Sugimura sees how gloomy Seiji is, he asks what's wrong. Seiji complains that Yuko always wants her own way and doesn't understand him. Sugimura encourages him to try talking to her, but when Yuko appears in the kitchen doorway Seiji is unable to say anything. Later in the history class Yuko volunteers to deliver her presentation first, forcing Seiji to join her at the front of the room and read from the paper she wrote. It soon becomes obvious that her criticisms of General Custer are really about Seiji and they get into a fight over it. The teacher interrupts and gives them one more chance to deliver the presentation the next day.

After Seiji offers to meet Yuko in the library after school so they can write their report together, she agrees coldly but drops her tough behavior as soon as she's away from him. When she spots Sugimura standing at a window in his disguise, she joins him there and he asks her what's wrong. Yuko complains that Seiji always has to get his way and never listens to her. Sugimura gives her the same advice he gave Seiji at home, and then changes the subject to a strange weather anomaly a long distance away. When the bell rings he leaves for but Yuko stays at the window and the sunny sky suddenly darkens with storm clouds. Later in the school library, Seiji is looking for Yuko but Sugimura informs him that she has taken her sword and gone out into the thunderstorm.

Valo's battle with the spirit storm cloud has moved to the suburbs. He orders the use of an EMP weapon, but it seems to make the cloud more powerful and it starts shooting out destructive lightning bolts. Yuko discovers that it is a spirit. Soldiers start shooting bombs at her so she flies to the other side of the cloud. A lightning strike causes her to fall, but Seiji, Sugimura and Shizuku come to her aid. When more lightning bolts damage the surrounding area, Seiji tries to redirect it, but fails. The benders makes their fire-water-earth thing to defeat the spirit

Yuko and Seiji becomes friends again. The four of them make a run for it when they hear General Valo and his soldiers coming. Valo is furious to see his base destroyed and blames the Aliens for it. Haku, who has been present throughout the whole battle, leaves in his X3 airship. The next day at Lincoln High School, Seiji and Yuko's history teacher praises them on their successful oral presentation. When he asks how they improved so quickly, Sugimura replies that they used teamwork and smiles.

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