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Posing as the Bendson Family; Yuko, Seiji, Sugimura and Shizuku are in a large house with a realtor in a suburban neighborhood. Shizuku is using a pillow under her sweater which makes her playing the role as the mother of the Bendson siblings; Yuko and Seiji. Sugimura is wearing a fake mustache and playing the role of their father. He pays the full price for the house in cash. The confused realtor takes the payment, gives them the keys and leaves. Soon Yuko and Meiji are bickering over whether securing the house for her safety or furnishing it to hel their disguise is more important. Sugimura and Shizuku sides with Seiji on keeping Yuko safe, much to her frustration.

When the doorbell rings Seiji, Sugimura and Shizuku think they are under attack but it's really just one of their new neighbors coming to greet them. The woman introduces herself as Marian, and when she starts talking about interior she tells Yuko of a store in the mall and how to get there by bus. Seiji doesn't want Yuko to leave the house, but she is determined to go and manages to get away from him long enough to get on the bus. It's not long before Seiji is chasing after her, and he uses his amazing strength and speed to hitch a ride on top of a truck. 

While riding the bus, Yuko overhears other passengers talking about mysterious wizards and sees a TV news report about the damages caused by their previous week's battle with the Fire Spirit. The news report also refers to the benders as the Aliens, a name that Yuko likes. The bus then drives through the large crater in the middle of the city where their battle took place. Solders and tanks are posted everywhere as guards. Seiji, still riding on top of the truck, avoids being spotted but loses Yuko's bus. He continues the chase in the city by jumping from one building to another and at last catches up to her bus again. When he swings through the open window and into the seat next to he, Yuko glares at him in annoyance.

Meanwhile, in the Republic City, Azula is overseeing her Dai Li troops when some rebels soldiers attempt to attack on her. Even though the rebels outnumber her and uses bending, Azula defeats all of them with little effort. When the fight is over, a messenger hawk reports that the spirit Azula sent to destroy Yuko has been defeated and that her signal has been lost. Azusa decides to send a more intelligent spirit this time and summons a huge beast spirit with five heads for the job.

Back in the non-bending dimension, Yuko and Seiji arrive at the mall. Yuk is impressed by the place but Seiji is worried about the soldiers surrounding the place. He follows her inside and they head toward the furniture store, but are intercepted by a lotion salesman. Seiji mistakes his bottle of scented cream for a death spray weapon and attacks him. Yuk scolds him for hurting a harmless merchant but Seiji remains determined to protect her from everything. In the interior store Yuko tries to make Seiji to relax a little and invites him to try out a couch with her. He humors her but fails to relax at all.

They to several model rooms and eventually Yuko finds one txt she likes. Then she notices a snow globe there with miniature castle inside. She picks it up and recalls a happy memory from her childhood on the Air Temple Island moving to a new place with her father the Avatar. When she says she misses home, Meiji suggest that they leave the store. This causes Yuko to get angry with him for his apparent lack of feelings. After she stomps away, Seiji looks at the snow globe she left behind and says he doesn't have much to miss.

Back at the house, Sugimura and Shizuku goes to a room on the top floor. They begin inkling a security system, but is interrupted by Marian bringing cookies and the two of them is quickly going downstairs when she comes inside the house. After they leave the room, a sensor in one of the orbs starts beeping. A new rift gate opens in space and Azula's dark spirit makes a crash landing in a country named Egypt. It begins searching for Yuko's signal but can't find her.

As Seiji and Yuko leave the interior store, they are confronted by a group of security guards and the salesman Seiji attacked earlier. When one of the guards grabs Yuko, Seiji knocks him down and the other guards quickly surround them. Despite Yuko's protests, Seiji uses his firebending. This succeeds in frightening off the guards, but it also attracts the attention of the sprit on the other side of the planet. Locking onto the signal of Seiji's bending, it flies into the sky.

Back at the house, Marian is chattering to Sugimura and Seiji in the kitchen. Just as he's about to bite into one of her cookies, Sugimura hears the alarms on the sensors upstairs going off. He then tells Marian very seriously that he and Shizuku needs to plant several dampening markers in the yard for the home security system right away. To his surprise Marian offers to help them and brags about her thriving tomatoes to prove her skill in yard work. This seems to convince Sugimura to accept her help and they get to work at once.

At the mall, a large number of soldiers swarm into the building and converge at the furniture store, where Seiji is still firebending. Once the soldiers start shooting Yuko takes her her own sword and tells Seiji they need to go. The two of them leap down to the mall's bottom level, scaring shoppers and causing damage to the building along the way. As soon as they land a tank crashes through a wall and fires at them, but Yuko blocks the blast with her sword. They then break through the hole the tank made and end up outside on the street. Yuko wants to blend into the crowd to lose the soldiers, but the new spirit is waiting for them.

As the spirit chases them through the city, Seiji and Yuko wonder how it found them and see that their weapons have no effect on it. Lance creates a smoke screen with some fire balls, giving them the chance to head back for the suburbs. Sugimura and Shizuku is planting dampening markers in the yard with Marian when Sugimura senses the spirit and their two comrades approaching. The teens sends Marian back to her house and Seiji and Yuko land in the street in front of Sugimura and Shizuku. Sugimura tells Seiji that the spirit is tracking his bending's signal and following him to the house. Yuko scolds Seiji but he becomes defensive and blames Sugimura and Shizuku for not warning them that the spirit was coming. Then Yuko points out that the spirit never would have found them if Seiji hadn't used his firebending. He realizes she's right and feels guilty for his recklessness.

The giant spirit arrives and the humans run for cover. Seiji, Sugimura and Shizuku make their fire-earth-water thing to defeat the spirit.

That night, the four of them are eating Marian's cookies for dinner on the floor of their still empty living room. Seiji comments that the cookies aren't half bad and then leaves to go to bed. Once he's out of sight, Yuko asks Sugimura and Shizuku why her father would choose someone as strange as Seiji to help her. Shizuku replies that maybe her father sees something in Seiji that no one else does. Later, Yuko is surprised to find the snow globe from the mall in her room. Smiling, she picks it up and says a good night to Seiji. In his room down the hall, Seiji is leaning against the window and smiles as he says a good night back to her.

Meanwhile, at the mall, a night watchman is playing recorded footage from a security tape of Seiji firebending over and over for fun. Then the door to the room slides open, Haku enters and tells the guard he needs all of the tapes.

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