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Universe of Dimensions 2, Prologue

The epilogue takes place shortly before the end of Part 10. However, in this epilogue we're going deeper into the details of the romantic relationship between Sugimura and Kim.

Sugimura and Kim

While at the kitchen, Sugimura was confronted by his friends about his relationship with Kim. "So? What was with the kissing?" Yuko asked. "What? We weren't kissing," Sugimura assured. "That wasn't how we saw it," Yuko said, as the two others smiled. "Then you need your eyes tested because that didn't happen," he said. "Must have hit a nerve," Seiji teased. "There was no kissing!" Sugimura said. "Fine. Whatever, just go and get rid of your girlfriend!" Seiji said. "SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND, SEIJI!" Sugimura almost screamed.

"Okay, you to!" Shizuku said, while she and Yuko tried to keep them apart. "I'm just helping her," Sugimura said. "Sugimura, OUT!" Shizuku said, pointing to the living room where Kim was sitting in the couch. "She's not my girlfriend!" he said once again.

As he walked out, he was a bit confused, because he didn't know if she was his girlfriend, because he didn't know if he actually was in love.

"Kim, I'm sorry, but something has come up and you need to go now," Sugimura said to Kim, who was sitting on the couch. "Why? Things were getting good," she said. "I don't have time to explain. Just that it would be better if you've left," he said.

He followed her to the door. However, Kim wasn't ready to leave yet. "Wait. You wouldn't get rid of me that fast," she said. "Please, Kim. I don't have time for this," Sugimura said. "Oh, I'll go, but only if you give me a kiss," she said. Sugimura was really confused. "Huh?" was the only thing he managed to say. "You heard me. One kiss," she said. "You're serious?" he asked. "Oh, yeah!" she said. "Okay. One kiss, and then you'll go," he said.

However, Sugimura did not kiss her as she was his girlfriend, but shortly in the forehead. "Okay. Good night, see you at school," Sugimura said, pushing her outside. "No. I want a real kiss. Like this," Kim said, and kissed him on the mouth for almost twenty seconds.

Yuko, Seiji, and Shizuku was standing in the other side of the room, watching in shock their nerdy friend being kissed by the most popular girl in school. "Oh, wonderful," Kim said, and leaved.

The three of them kept standing staring weird at him. "What? I was just saying good night," Sugimura said.

As Kim walked home, lost in her iPod and the bliss of the evening, the group destroyed the dark spirit.

The next day, Sugimura was walking in the school corridor. He met Kim, showing him her test with an A+ on. "I'm back on the squad," she said, smiling. "Congratulations," Sugmura said.

"Thank you SO much," Kim said, and hugged him. "I couldn't have done it without you," she said. "No, you did it all by yourself," Sugimura played.

"Hey guys," Kim said to Sugimura's friends, who just had arrived, still pretty confused about the relationship.

"You want to walk me to class?" Kim asked Sugimura. "Sure. After all, I am in that class too," he said. "You're so funny," Kim said.

"I can't believe this is happening," Seiji said to Yuko and Shizuku, while the new couple walked together to class, holding hands.

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