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Universe of Dimensions 2

Universe of Dimensions is a fanon story written by ShizukuTsukishima. It takes place ten years after the end of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Note that none of the graphic novels are included in this history.


A lot of things have happened these past ten years.

Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko have moved the Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom back to the Fire Nation and built a United Republic of Nations. They called the capital of this fantastic country Republic City.

Aang also used his time to specialize in the rift gate technology; the rift gate is a portal which makes it possible for humans to switch dimensions.

While at the institution, Azula has used her time discovering a new skill; meditating. Azula has gotten in contact with dark spirits.

One day she managed to escape from the institution and headed to the South Pole where she sat with the dark spirits out of the portal. They then headed to Ba Sing Se, where Azula and the Dai Li agents were reunited.

When Azula and her new allies attacked Republic City, Aang realized that his non-bending daughter Yuko was not safe, so he hired three other teens to protect her: the firebender Seiji, the earthbender Sugimura, and the waterbender Shizuku.

He sends the teens through the rift gate, which make them crash land in a completely unknown dimension.


  • Yuko - Aang and Katara's teenage daughter who was forced to leave her home due to an attack and had to travel through the rift gate to another dimension. Now she has to blend in with the everyday life in this unusual dimension.
  • Seiji - a young and rebellious but capable Fire Nation soldier with a dark past. With his firebending, he is tasked by Avatar Aang to protect Yuko at any cost.
  • Sugimura - a young earthbender from Omashu who is also tasked to protect Yuko.
  • Shizuku - a young waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe who is also tasked to protect Yuko.
  • Kim - a girl from Colorado. She is Lincoln High School's most popular girl and the cheer captain.
  • Haku - a mysterious man who is the leader of the X3.
  • General Valo - the Military General.
  • Aang - the Avatar and Yuko's father who has been kidnapped by Azula, who is torturing him to tell her where the teenagers are.
  • Azula - the former Fire Nation Princess who has taken control over Republic City as revenge for her loss during the Hundred Year War. She sends dark spirits through the rift gate to destroy Yuko and her friends.
  • Marian - the new neighbour of the teens.


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  • The four teenagers, Yuko, Seiji, Sugimora, and Shizuku, are all sharing their names with characters from the Studio Ghibli movie Whisper of The Heart.

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