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The Yin Warriors





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June 11, 2015

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The story circulates around how Lotus, Michiko, and Chey met with Kan.


The story starts with a Amma flying in the air and Michiko, Chey, Lotus, and Jade are sitting on her.

Lotus - [Scratching Jade's stomach, nonchalantly] "Are we there yet, Fire Lily?"

Michiko - [Holding Amma's reins] "We're almost there, my friend."

Chey - [Reading a map, skeptical] "Do you even have the slightest idea where to go, Michi? [Stomach growls and rubs it] I just hope it has food."

Michiko - [Optimistically] "All I know is that our destination has an awesome ocean view."

Cutting to Amma flying over the ocean.

Chey - [Sarcastically] "Wow, then I guess we're totally here."

Cutting back to a closeup of the group.

Michiko - [Annoyed, turns to Chey] "Look, Chey, this is the first time I've actually left my homeland in sixteen years. Cut me some slack alright?"

Lotus - [To Michiko and Chey arguing, small hand sway, in a mellow tone] "Hey, you two need to calm down and cool out."

Michiko and Chey stop arguing while turning their heads back, Lotus looks down and suddenly sees a boat below.

Lotus - [Eyes widen and points down] Look, a boat below us. Let's follow it and see where it takes us.

Michiko - [Tugging Amma's reins up] "Got it, Amma, yip-yip!"

Amma flies down low to catch up and cuts to the young man from the boat, who looks up in shock.

Kan - [Eyes widen and rubs them] "Whoa, a sky bison."

Lotus - [Excited, waving her arms] "Hello down there, whoa!" [She starts to tip over, and Chey notices and grabs her.]

Chey - [Irritated] "Lotus, keep that up, and you're gonna fall."

Amma lands down in the water and the three and wave.

Chey - "Hello there traveller-"

Lotus and Michiko - [Eagerly waving to the boy] "Hi (8×)."

Kan - [Waves back awkwardly] "Umm, hello?"

Chey covers both mouths and continues.

Chey - [Bows] As I was saying, greetings, I am Chey, and the perky girls are Michiko and Lotus."

Kan - [Bows back] "Nice to meet you three. I'm Kan, I'm from the Southern Water Tribe."

Lotus - [Amazed] "Wow, you're from the Water Tribe?!"

Michiko and Lotus scream in delight, Chey is annoyed, and Kan is confused.

Michiko - "The land of snow and ice, what's it like out there?"

Kan - [Confused and smIles uneasily ] "Uhh, snow and ice?"

Michiko - [Gasps; in a conspirator voice to Lotus] "I knew it!"

Amma groans and nudges Michiko.

Michiko - [Notices] "Oh, where are my manners? This is Amma, my flying bison."

Kan gets a little nervous but pets Amma on the nose anyway, who licked Kan's face a lot.

Kan - [Nervously] "Nice to meet you, too."

Michiko - [Affectionately] "Isn't she just a little sweetie puff?"

Kan - [Dryly] "She's...sweet and puffy. Little, I wouldn't put it past that."

Lotus - "And this is Jade, my little foxcat. Say hello to Kan."

Jade hisses and claws at Kan.

Chey - [Changing the subject] "So, where ya heading, Kan?"

Kan - [Darts is eyes to the left, unsure] "Well I was-"

Lotus - [Interrupts Kan] "We're heading to some towns we marked on our map!"

Lotus shows Kan the map and points to their locations with circles, then Chey snatches it from her.

Chey - [Apologizes while rolling the map and points his thumb to Lotus] "Sorry about that, she can't keep a secret."

Kan - "Are you three traveling in a group?"

Michiko - [To Kan] "Pretty much, we even have a name. We're Team Cool Kids!"

Chey - [To Michiko, annoyed] "I thought we weren't agreeing to that name, Michi."

Michiko - [To Chey, sarcastically with arms crossed] "Oh, then you come up with a name right on the spot, Leader Guy."

Chey is stuck in thought and is beat.

Michiko - [To Kan jokingly] "Right now our default name is 'Team so lame, we don't have a cool name'."

Lotus - [Laughs] "Hey, I would've said 'Team Super Cool', but 'Team Lame, No Name' has a ring to it."

Chey - [Sarcastically] "Yeah, thanks, Lotus, I think that's way better."

Michiko - [Changes the subject] "Anywho, we're heading to the Makapu Village for 'Chey's Flora Project'."

Kan - [Amusingly] "'Flora... Project'?"

Chey - "Yeah, we're going around the Earth Kingdom the see the various plant life."

Michiko - [Darts eyes at Lotus and crosses arms; jokingly] "Pretty much what Lotus has seen everyday. It's supposed to be the most epic part of our journey!"

Chey - [Defensively] "Hey, it's very important to me that I see a panda lily or two. I need to capture them in their true beauty."

Kan - [Jokingly with arms crossed] "Sounds pretty wild."

Lotus - "You bet, we're even going to the cave where I was born."

Everyone dart eyes at Lotus in silence with eyes widening, and Chey blinks.

Kan - "Uhhhhh."

Lotus - "It was a rainy evening-"

Michiko - [Grabs Lotus by the shoulder and pats her arm] "Lotus, Honeyjar, too much information. Okay?"

Chey - "Sorry,[Points to Lotus] this one likes to get personal."

Lotus - [Defensively] "What, I'm a secure."

Kan - [Stunned] "I guess I'll come, too. Just for the sake of traveling with some company with a map."

Chey - [Shocked] "Really, after what the 'Kooky Nomad Girl' just said?"

Kan - "It's better than what I heard from two fishermen."

Michiko - [Curious] "What was it about?"

Kan - [Winces and smiles awkwardly] "I could spare you the details."

Lotus - "See, I'm a great conversation starter."

Chey - [Sarcastically] "Spectacular, but umm not to be rude, [Clenching his stomach] but you wouldn't happen to have any food on you, would ya?"

Kan - [Grabbing food from his satchel] "I packed some cookies and seal jerky before I left. Separate satchels."

Chey - [Reaching out his hand] "Thanks, Kan , you're alright with me...for now."

Jade attempts to grab the seal jerky from Chey's hand and stands on her hind legs.

Lotus - "I betcha I know every poisonous plant! Now I'm still confused, is it baccui berries or maka'ole berries that are safe to eat?

Michiko - "I'd rather take my chance with an herbalist okay, Honeyjar?"

Chey - [Smugly] "Lotus, since you know all the locations of the flora in the Earth Kingdom, where do panda lilies grow?" [To Kan] "I bet she's gonna say something ridiculous."

Lotus - That's easy, the volcano."


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