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Yue Bay
United Kingdom of Nations
Physical information

West Coast of Earth Continent


Coronation City (formerly Republic City)

Form of Government

Constitutional Monarchy

Head of State
  • King of Hellas formerly
  • Governor General



Prime Academic

The United Kingdom of Nations, formerly known as the United Republic of Nations, is a sovereign state in the Kingdom of Hellas.


As the United Republic

For its time as the United Republic, read United Republic of Nations.

The United Kingdom of Nations was originally the United Republic of Nations. It was founded by Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang after the Battle of Yu Dao. It was formed from former Fire Nation colonies in the Earth Kingdom, much to the displeasure of the Earth Kingdom. The United Republic of Nations was a favourite of Avatar Korra and some of her numerous adversaries. In 170 AG, it faced the Anti-bending Revolution; in 171 AG, it suffered a devastating attack from Vaatu; and in 174 AG, it was invaded by Kuvira.

United Kingdom

At the end of 174 AG, Philip Hellene won the election to become President of the URN. In 175 AG, he led the nation in a devastating and costly war of attrition with the Earth Empire. The Earth Empire initially had the upper hand, blitzing through URN territory until it reached Republic City, where it was halted in a bloody battle. Hellenic intervention and new weaponry won the war in favour of the Republic.

After the war, Philip Hellene, King of Hellas, appointed himself King of Republic City, thus unifying it and Hellas, and necessitating a name change. The United Republic became the United Kingdom and Republic City became Coronation City. The role of the President became the position of Prime Minister. In 178 AG, the position was abolished and replaced with a senate. Jinora became the first leader of the senate.

In 180 AG, through a marriage between Jinora Gyatso and Alexander Hellene, Jinora became Princess of Hellas. To satisfy the people of the Kingdom, upset they are not ruled by a native of their world, Philip appointed Jinora "Governor General of the United Kingdom."


Government system: Constitutional Monarchy

Head of state: Governor General formerly King of Hellas

Head of parliament: Prime Minister

The United Kingdom of Nations is a Constitutional Monarchy in which the Governor General represents the King of Hellas. Despite having veto rights, the Governor General is mostly restricted to ceremonial purposes and lacks a seat in parliament. The Governor General does not have the authority to propose bills. The UKN, despite being a part of Hellas, is fully autonomous, linked only by the Crown.

The royal parliament proposes and votes on bills. It is composed of twelve appointed, hereditary positions and twelve elected positions.

Old Systems

There were many old systems of government in the UKN.


Government system: Absolute Monarchy

Head of state: King of Hellas

Absolute Monarchy was temporary in the UKN and lasted until the parliament could be established.


Government system: Republic

Head of state: President

Philip Hellene was elected as President of the United Republic in 174 AG. The government was abolished in 175 AG.

Notable Figures



Fire Nation

The Fire Nation founded the United Republic and the two maintained close relations and defensive agreements. However, after Kuvira's invasion and the Great War, it became clear that the demilitarised Fire Nation would be unable to come to the aid of the URN when needed. The Fire Nation Monarchy felt threatened by the popular support for the President, and saw it as a threat.

When the URN was reformed into the UKN, the Fire Nation was friendly to the Hellenic Monarchy, as it aided them in the Fire Nation Civil War and as they were personal friends. The Fire Nation pledged to maintain the Monarchy in the UK.


Philip Hellene, former president of the URN, was the King of Hellas until his abdication. This led to the two nations being close. Originally, the UKN became a vassal state of Hellas, until they were able to form the parliament. The two share a head of state.

Earth Union

After the Great War, Zaofu and many other cities became part of the Earth Union, a state independent from the Earth Kingdom. The UKN is the official protector of the Union.


Earth Empire

The Earth Empire and UKN have been enemies for a long time, twice resulting in war. The Great War ended their rivalry by destroying the Earth Empire and partitioning it. Their animosity is derived from a feeling of resentment resulting from the establishment of a nation in what was considered Earth Kingdom territory.


  • The UKN Constitutional Monarchy is based on the British/Commonwealth systems.
    • Parliament is based on the Westminster system.
    • The concept of autonomous nations sharing a crown is derived from the 16 Realms.
    • Countries such as Australia, Canada and New Zealand have a Governor General.
  • Jinora is the only known person to go from Minister to Prime Minister to Princess to Governor General.

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