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The United Earth Nation is the newly established government that immediately succeeds the Earth Empire, which lasted from 171-174 AG. Unlike previously established governments over the Earth lands, the United Earth Nation, also called the U.E.N., is a representative democracy, in which the people elect their leaders. Under the leadership of President Wu and the assistance of Team Avatar, the ways and customs of the once monarch Earth Kingdom.


Subsequent of the fall of the Earth Empire in 174 AG, Prince Wu decided that in the best interest of the Earth Kingdom, he should get rid of the monarchy and have elected leaders like the United Republic of Nations. Shortly after, Team Avatar (Korra) began making plans to help Prince Wu reestablish the Earth Kingdom government. During this time, Asami, who was needed in not only the Earth Kingdom but also Republic City had to station her company in the United Earth Nation. Working with President Wu, renovations were made to the land as well as repurposing of specific areas such as the detention camps from the Earth Empire.

Still, part of shifting the government is getting rid of the older one. Avatar Korra wanted to redeem herself of the things she did in a previous life, and with President Wu's guidance, they decided that the Dai Li would not only be banished but disbanded entirely. However, in the shift to a democracy, rebellious groups sprung up and threatened to destroy the new policies President Wu was placing on the people. Team Avatar spoke with them saying that the decisions made were made without the consent of the governed, and they feared President Wu would only create a new type of monarchy. Wu and Korra soon came to the conclusion that the people needed more of a voice and decided that each independent state would have a representative that based his/her decision on a majority vote. Along with that, Wu wanted to break the Council of Five into two parts. The Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se position was also dissolved. Instead, one part of the Council of Five was called the Provisional Cabinet which dealt with the government itself. Because too much power was bestowed upon the Grand Secretariat, the leader of the Provisional Cabinet was the Representative of the Provisional Cabinet, a position that replaced the Grand Secretariat. That part of the council worked as advisers to the President.


Kuvira's complete army

The United Earth Nation army which has shifted its purpose from serving Kuvira to President Wu.

Although Kuvira herself was imprisoned as well as the corporals and other high officials, her army continued to serve the nation. The army was evenly split and dispatched to the certain states with several military bases spread on the state borders and on a few islands. The original Council of Five dealt with militaristic affairs and the coordination of war plans. However, a problem in reusing the army is the dubious and trivial loyalty of certain individuals.

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